Thursday, July 20, 2017

Disappointed In Sessions

Like Trump, I was disappointed when Jeff Sessions recused himself from the false “Russian” fiasco immediately upon taking his position. His decision set in motion the growth of the whole situation by encouraging the bogus press and by bringing on Comey’s friend as a special investigator into the whole imaginary affair. Millions upon millions of tax dollars better spent elsewhere will be wasted and the population kept in a constant state of aggravation by Session’s one simple act.

He then lost even more of my confidence when he commented that he wasn’t going to take sides in the Bundy situation out west. The judge in that case has literally told the defendants that “THEY HAVE NO RIGHTS!” Those men have been severely mistreated and denied their rights over the last few YEARS that they have been wrongly imprisoned. I believe that judge’s plan is to make the trial last as long as possible to stave off appeals that would probably go in favor of the defendants. Quite simply, they are political prisoners, locked up for fighting the Clinton/Reid/Obama land grabs.

The latest gripe that I have with Sessions is his proposed expansion of the use of asset forfeiture in “fighting crime.” That practice is already one of the most abused tools in the law enforcement arsenal, enriching police departments and government agencies, often by legal theft from INNOCENT bystanders. I’m not against the property of drug dealers and kingpins being taken, but you shouldn’t lose your property just because a deal went down on your place.

In the beginning, I had high hopes for Jeff Sessions; those hopes were short-lived. © 2017


deborah harvey said...

he is a total disappointment.

Gorges Smythe said...

The only thing that I can say for him so far, dh, is that he's done well going after the pedophiles and drug suppliers.