Sunday, July 30, 2017

Grocery Run Observations

The missus and I made our second main grocery run of the week today. We have two Chinamarts in our town, so we go to the closest one on Saturday and then the other one on Sunday to get things that we forgot or that the first store didn’t have. I also get Mom’s groceries on Sundays these days. I suspect that it’s a job that I’ll have from now on. The senior bus only gives them ONE HOUR to find and pay for their stuff and get outside. I can’t blame her for not wanting to bother with it. She’s taken a cab a few times, but that’s more expensive. Since I’m afraid to let her try climbing into my truck, I just get them for her, rather than take her myself.

My wife can’t figure out why folks tend to be rude to her when she’s using a handicapped buggy, while most folks are polite to me. I tell her that there are three reasons. First, she looks younger than she is and a lot of folks probably think she’s just being lazy. Secondly, she always forgets to take her cane in and put it in her buggy and that re-enforces their belief. Thirdly, she’s a little woman of only 5 feet tall and fairly quiet, so bullies of both sexes think they have a free ride with her to be rude. I, on the other hand, am a ponderous, grumpy-looking old fellow with a beard and a big cane. Most folks are very polite to me. The whole scenario is disgusting, but I believe that’s the way it is.

I don’t like the store we were in today as well as the one nearer to us. I was looking for saw palmetto and magnesium and they didn’t have either one. I needed a 3/4 inch dowel for a project and they only stock 5/8 and 7/8 in the larger sizes, even though the other store stock 3/4 inch. Also, I tried asking the druggist if they stocked those skin-tag removers that are advertised on TV (the cone type), but she and another worker just stood behind the counter talking until I finally gave up and left. I figured that was what they were hoping for, since they both knew I was there. Incidentally, don’t think that the chain uses the same prices in every store or that they stock the same things; they don’t.

I saw another indication of modern-day insanity on the way over or back today. A teenage girl was skate-boarding down the sidewalk of a very busy street while texting on her cell phone and completely oblivious to the world around her. Had she hit an unexpected crack in the sidewalk or had a vehicle jumped the curb, she could have been winging her way to the next life. I didn’t notice if she was wearing ear-buds. People are nuts. © 2017


Marian Love Phillips said...

Been meaning to asked you if a Chinamart was a Wal-Mart store?

Lady Locust said...

Once my grandmother began using a cane, she said people were so much nicer to her, holding doors, carrying groceries etc. If she didn't have her cane, they didn't do that. She said if she would have known, she would have started packing it years sooner.

Gorges Smythe said...

Yes, Marian, I just hate to advertise for them, and almost everything IS made in China.

It really Does make a difference, LL.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

We are seeing empty spots on shelves of krogers and walmart, some items are always sold out and one would expect that they would order more since they sell so well but no, it is like things are rationed.
We had those electric carts at lowes and I was helping a woman get items off of the tables and put them in the basket, I turned around later and the cart was empty and it seems that she had forgot something at the front of the garden center and ran up there to get it as it was easier than driving the cart back up there. I felt stupid for helping her. Probably a few fakers cause people to doubt the others who don't have a cane or are obviously in need of the cart.

Gorges Smythe said...

There's always a few bad apples, SF.