Monday, July 3, 2017

To Post Or NOT To Post; That Is The Question.

I haven’t felt especially profound lately. Nothing has come to mind that needed discussed that my links from other folks haven’t covered pretty well. Plus, if I DID say anything, it might be mostly my usual grumping, for which this blog is all too well known. Still, just to let some of you know that a grumpy old man yet lives behind the provided links, I guess I may as well yammer on a little.

My mood hasn’t been improved any by the apparent arrival of actual summer in the past week or so. You can’t always go by the calendar, as to when a season arrives, at least not as to the weather. This year, though, summer pretty-much arrived on schedule, with enough heat to keep this old geezer sitting in the air-conditioning, rather than being outdoors, where 1001 things need done around the place. It’s bad enough just being poor and old, it’s even worse to be poor and old and behind in your work.

I need to build a short ramp onto the porch for my wife and the dog. I’ve let the night water pile up to where I have several jugs to empty. I need to take the sickle and the scythe and do a little trimming around the porch and the yard. I need to spray a few wisps of poison ivy that I see trying to invade the area. I need to put another tire in my “garden” and move the chicory plants (that will be covered by the ramp) into fresh dirt that also needs to be put in the tire. I need to tie some strings to the oak limbs that are hanging too low into the yard, so I’ll know where to prune them next winter, when doing so won’t cause oak wilt. I need to start splitting the wood that I cut to length last week. I need to remove and re-install my bedroom window to give me access to the roof. The list seems to stretch onward toward perpetuity. Luckily, I have firmly embraced the attitude of Scarlett O’Hara—“I’ll think about that tomorrow!”

Motorists have given me some excitement this week, but then they do so EVERY week. Every time I think I’ve seen the stupidest thing possible on the road, the next guy comes up with a new stunt. My wife has gotten after me lately for calling such people names, not loud enough for them to hear, but not under my breath either. The names are rarely foul, but I suppose I really should quit calling half the people on the road morons and idiots, no matter how well the terms DO seem to fit them. I SWEAR people get crazier by the day. Incidentally, they push their buggies in Chinamart with the same crazed abandon with which they drive their automobiles; it amazes me that you never hear of any fatalities in the aisles.

We’re planning an exciting Independence Day—an early lunch at some moderately-priced restaurant, a visit to Chinamart, and maybe taking the pooch for a ride that evening. There are no family get-togethers on either side, and we probably wouldn’t go if there were (nor would we probably be invited in the first place – lol). Nothing of interest is happening in our area and if there WAS anything, we wouldn’t be able to take the heat anyway.

HOWEVER, in spite of all my grumping, I feel deeply privileged to have been raised in the nation that I was, in the time that I was, and by the Christian parents that I was. As twisted as this country is becoming, it’s STILL the best nation on earth, past. present and future. I hope all of you feel the same way, and I hope you have a truly enjoyable Independence Day, whether it’s noisy or quiet. Please pray for our troops, praise God and may our Holy God (YAHWEH not allah) bless America! © 2017


Lady Locust said...

And when you're done with your list, I'll let you work on mine 😉 Oh, and funny - I tie a ribbon on limbs of trees so hubby knows not to cut them. He tends to think its all just bushes and saplings. He does do well with the fruit trees though. We too are staying home, hoping to mow the lawn, and check some things off our list. You three have a great Independence Day.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, LL, I hope yours is pleasant, too.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Good luck on your list, if it is like mine you won't get a lot done any time soon. Nothing much going on here and I plan to avoid walmart if for no other reason but to give the chinese economy a downturn after all the cooperation we get from them.

Ralph Goff said...

Always interesting to hear what it happening in your world Gorges, even if its not much. I don't post as much as I could because some days I am too busy and others I just don't feel creative enough. And whatever has happened to "The Lazy Farmer?". I miss hearing from him.

chipmunk said...

I know what you mean about not wanting to go out in the heat. It's only tolerable around here outside in the mornings. I figure if I get one or two things knocked off my list per day, I'm good.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, SF; can't blame you on the other.

I don't know, Ralph; I'm a bit concerned.

Yeah, chipmunk, if I get one thing a day, I feel lucky.