Sunday, August 13, 2017

Concerning Charlottesville

Let's be honest, there's no moral difference between "black lives matter" and "white lives matter." Nor is there any moral difference between a Nazi sieg heile and a black power fist in the air. Hate is hate. Ignorance is ignorance. Sadly, there seems to be plenty of both.


Glen Filthie said...

What's happening there Gorges? Was it really a neo-fascist thing or just left wing fake news?

Pumice said...

Careful. You have been reading what happened at Google when someone spoke truth. Of course, you can't be fired.

Grace and peace.

Mike said...

Every time there is a riot/protest they escalate in size/people and are bloodier and bloodier. I'm sure some guns will be appearing more and more at the next protest along with firebombs and other horrible weapons.
Are we watching the beginning of another civil war? I think so.

chipmunk said...

Absolutely true. Our pastor said today that any conversation that begins with "I'm better than you" does not come from Jesus.

Gorges Smythe said...

Well, Glen, as near as I can figure, some folks got a permit to protest tearing down the Robert E. Lee statue there. Some of those folks were neo-nazis, but they were there legally and protesting peacefully. Unfortunately, the city SUSPICIOUSLY gave a permit to those counter-protesting the first group. From what non-official videos I've seen, the counter-protesters attacked the neo's, NOT the other way around. However the media and the local government is taking sides against the the neo's and those on their side in the statue situation, and siding with the poor little antifas and snowflakes that make up the opposition.

I'm too old to care, Pumice! - lol

The bad thing is, Mike, the libs (and thus the government) will use that as an excuse for gun confiscation and will take the side of the anarchists.

And he's right, chipmunk.