Tuesday, August 15, 2017

"It’s All Part Of The Plan"

Those who follow my blog, or see some of my responses to links and posts on Facebook have heard me say the words in the above title before. The crazy thing is that it applies to nearly anything. Those who truly understand the old saying “All things are relevant” will know what I mean. Those who don’t? There’s probably nothing I can say to clear it up for you.

A lot of folks lump me in with “those crazy conspiracy theorists,” but that’s okay. There are a LOT of theories out there about a lot of things, but the surprising thing is how many are TRUE, WHEN YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH. Sadly, most folks just want to dismiss them out of hand and never educate themselves on the reality, preferring to take the easy route and swallow what the news media feeds them.

Those in the know realize that the democrat party (and many RINO’s as well) are closet socialists and communists. (Here’s the short list in DC: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2010/08/american-socialists-release-names-of-70-congressional-democrats-in-their-caucus/). This influence is also felt at state, county and city levels. SO, when some bill or regulation sounds like something Stalin would like, why should we be surprised? The socialist and communist influences are rampant in education. I saw the beginnings of it 45 years ago when I was in school; I see it almost daily in current headlines. Remember that socialist first try to make everyone “equal,” before then making them all irrelevant by being subservient to the state, thus the obsessions with “rights” for everyone except the majority and being “politically correct.”

Many in positions of world “leadership” believe that the earth can only sustainably harbor 500,000,000 (half a billion) people. Unfortunately, in their minds, there are already seven billion people in the world, meaning that they want to get rid of 6.5 billion of us. Naturally, they don’t plan on being in that larger number. Hillary openly admitted in the past year or so that she is one of those believers. I’m sure Gore is probably another. Knowing that, is it any surprise that the government is trying to force everyone to be vaccinated for this and that, even though those vaccines are always full of poisonous chemicals whose presence can’t be rationally explained? Many of those chemicals cause cancer; is it any wonder cancer is so prevalent?

Wars, of course, are a good way to kill people off, and the Rothschilds make a bundle backing them. They’ve financed every war since the days of Napoleon, and it seems to have paid well for them. They control the banking of every nation in the world but three. Often, their way of getting their foot in the door is to finance a war against a nation and then move in with the victors. Two of those countries are Iran and North Korea, nations where war with outsiders could easily happen. Do you really think that’s coincidence? I’m sure that many of the invaders don’t even realize that they’re being used, but the strings are pulled from a distance and they have no choice.

Think of a few other things, Russia wants to destabilize our country so they will feel less threatened by us. They don’t care who wins the elections, but if they can cast doubt by their efforts, they get the left and right fighting and accomplish their goal. Abortion teaches people not to value life, so euthanasia comes next. Don’t believe it? Check out the European countries that allow euthanasia and see if they didn’t start with abortion. Socialism, communism and other tyrannies cannot force the hand of an adequately armed citizenry. So why do you think that even though the guy in Charlottesville used a car to kill people (either purposely or accidentally), the democrats are screaming for GUN CONTROL? Why not CAR control? (Don’t laugh, what do you think trying to force people onto public transportation is all about?) And global warming? One of its biggest European supporters recently admitted that its sole purpose was to destroy capitalism, just like environmental regulations.

In case you’re wondering, there’s no one headquarters for all this evil, unless it would be the Rothschild offices. However, we have several organizations dedicated to ruling or greatly influencing the world. First, we have The United Nations, then NATO, then the European Union, the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati (yes, they really exist), the Trilateral Commission and other groups around the world.

However far down the ladder their influence may be felt, they don’t have to issue commands for each and every thing they wish to accomplish. There are plenty of greedy, power-hungry people willing to take “pennies from the pockets of widows and food from the mouths of babies.” to further their own agenda. Since this furthers the cause of the globalists, they aren’t about to complain.

Those who read their Bibles aren’t surprised by ANY of this. The scriptures tell us of the latter days from nearly the beginning of the Old Testament through the New Testament, though some of the earlier ones are veiled. There IS one individual behind all this, but many people don’t even believe that he exists. However, the old saying that “the devil is in the details” can certainly have more than one meaning. It really is all part of the plan, and remember, ALL THINGS ARE RELEVANT! © 2017


deborah harvey said...

in the Bible there is a description of what happens to the body in a nuclear blast.
we are the first generation able to see the fulfillment of this.
may God protect us utterly from nuclear effects or take us instantly in the bombing.
we will see each other in paradise.
this nation has rejected God and His laws.
we have sown the wind and shall reap the whirlwind.
it is written.

no need to live in fear, though.
cling to God and pray.
then relax and have a cup of tea.
we pray, He fights the battles.
we cannot fight against evil, we are weak and mortal.
but we are told to watch and pray, something everyone can do no matter the physical condition.

Rozy Lass said...

When my brother worked for the state department in the 80's and 90's he told us that there were people in government who would sell us out in a heartbeat. These people do not want America to be free, rather to enslave the people and run their dictatorship to the benefit of the elite. Only the prayers of the faithful and the diligent work of liberty loving citizens prevents this from happening. Keep up the good work.

Gorges Smythe said...

Well, dh, I figure I'll do what I can and die if I can't. Either way, I know where I'm going.

I pray for our SINCERE leaders every day, RL, and thanks.