Saturday, September 2, 2017

My Holiday Weekend So Far

I took the Mighty Dachshund out a half-hour before first light on Friday. It was cool and very breezy. We sat on the porch a while and I felt under-dressed in my skivvies and my rubber mocs. The fall bugs were silent in the coolness, but the crickets were still singing. On a spring morning of that temperature the birds would have been awakening by that time, but the silence of fall is growing daily. The breeze kept me safe from mosquitoes, but the back of the swing felt cold to my skin if I moved away for a second and back again. I was sort of glad when the pooch decided that she was ready to go back inside and check on the missus after about 20 minutes.

After sleeping again for a while, the missus and I cashed a mortgage check, went to the bank and drew our retirement for the month, made a deposit and then went and paid some bills. The bank was full of people! Later, we went to Chinamart to pick up a few things and THAT place was packed. Still, we were early enough that we both got a handicapped scooter. By the time we came out, the place was even busier and the traffic was horrendous. It was obvious that other stores and the mall were busier than usual, as well. The obvious reason was that this weekend is a triple whammy. The welfare folks got their money Friday, and due to the 3rd being on a weekend, the social security folks did, too, PLUS it was a holiday weekend.

That evening, about a half-hour before dark, I took the pooch out on her last daylight bathroom run and we sat on the porch again. Obviously, that time I was dressed. It had been raining lightly since 10AM and even though it was only misting at the time, the leak in the porch gutter and the dripping of the tree leaves still made for a pleasant rainy sound. Both the cicadas and the crickets were too waterlogged to feel like singing much. The wind had mostly died down, though, and the mosquitoes found me after about ten minutes, so it was my call to go back inside that time.

It was still raining slightly when I took the pooch out before dawn this morning, but on the porch, I knew the mosquitoes would find me again, so I went quickly back to bed. The electric went off about 8AM. We went to Chinamart again, since the missus prefers to do her main shopping on Saturdays. I couldn’t get a scooter, though, so I spent my time sitting on a bench by the front door waiting for one. A couple guys I used to work with came by and chatted a few minutes each; that helped break the monotony some. I shared my bench a while with a black woman waiting on her husband, and later with a tall, handsome Hindu fellow who was 84. He could have passed for 20 years younger and was pleased when I told him so. After an hour I gave up on the idea of getting a scooter so, of course, a couple soon became available, though not for long. None of their stores have enough handicapped parking and that one has half the scooters they need. If it wasn’t for the missus, I’d never shop there again.

We took the groceries home, got the pooch and went out again, since I called the power company and they said the juice might not be on again until 5:30. We ran a couple errands, and then just went places to beat in time, and arrived home at 5PM to find the power back on. It rained all day, but never heavily. Tomorrow is supposed to be dry; I guess we’ll see. © 2017


Sunnybrook Farm said...

It has been a long couple of rainy dark days here and I only went to walmart on thursday to get something the wife wanted so I missed all of the crowd. We did go to Lowes yesterday and heard how all of the full time people were being replaced with part time people who either didn't know or care.
The sun is actually out this morning.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

When one is the big dog of the porch, they would do well to never leave it.

Gorges Smythe said...

I don't know, SF, but I've heard that Lowe's and Sam's are even worse places to work than Walmart.

Words from the wise, Jerry.

Joy said...

As always, I enjoyed your 'daily diary'. Thanks. I am able to shop during the week, so I avoid Walmart like the plague on weekends.

Gorges Smythe said...

If it was up to me, Joy, I'd go about midnight or six in the morning.