Saturday, June 9, 2018

A Quiet Sabbath

I realize that we’re no longer put to death for not keeping the Sabbath. That ended with grace. However, unlike most Christians, I still believe that God considers ALL TEN of the Ten Commandments part of a good code to live by. I don’t pretend to keep it 100%, but I do what I can without constantly fussing with the missus, who’s a normal Nine Commandment Christian.

So, today we went to Chinamart, then came home and pieced around for dinner and supper, since I’d bought us a breakfast sandwich while at the store. After going online a while, I took a nap. There were some things that I would like to have tinkered on when I got up, but I no longer work on the Sabbath, so I did a little scripture reading and a little reading in Halley’s Bible commentary. I’m not making much headway on Revelation, since Halley’s and my study Bible gets so wordy about it. I sort of wonder if they really know any more than anyone else does on the matter, though.

The missus wanted to go for a little drive before supper-time, so I took her. It’s supposed to be raining tomorrow afternoon, so I thought it best to get out today. I stopped at the cemetery on the way home and picked up the flowers and flag on Dad’s grave. I figured that it was better to do it today when dry than when raining tomorrow.

The Mighty Dachshund and I sat on the porch from 7:30 to 8 this evening. I’ve started keeping a small water bowl out there and giving her water from the bottle of cold water that I normally take outside when we go. She expects it now, and drank more of the half-liter bottle than she left for me!

Afterwards, I called Mom and got her grocery list for tomorrow; then I went back online a while. I’d probably watch a little TV if I had the one set up in my bedroom, but I used the money that might have bought me a box for it this month to have the data saved from my old laptop. I hope they get it done soon, as I’d like to consolidate my files on this one with what was on the old one, before I get too much more on my new one.

I hope you folks had a pleasant day. Copyright 2018


deborah harvey said...

i reckon that Revelation to St. John is ,like other prophetic books, obscure until you get right on top of the actual appearance of the thing foretold.
the big picture you can see, more extreme weather, lots more war including nuclear war, the return of persecution for Christians.
but the details are not clear to us.
when Esdras was receiving prophecy God told him things that he was told not to pass on. the rest of Esdras is in the so called apocrypha [the book is also called Nehemiah].
just read Revelation through a few times. then go to commentaries. but rely on Holy Spirit if you hanker to have more detailed knowledge. He may not give it to you but you can ask.

Gorges Smythe said...

Yeah, dh, I've learned that the Lord shows me about as much as I can handle. ;-)