Saturday, June 16, 2018

Contact Paper, Bum Trigger Finger, By-The-Door Beggars And Soliciting In General

We went to Chinamart to get our groceries today, so I took the opportunity to look for something to cover some small poster-board signs I’m going to make, saying “NO SPRAY ZONE,” to try and keep the state road and the electric company from killing any more of my plants, shrubs and trees on our place (as they have in the past). I looked in the crafts and sewing sections and asked a lady at the latter and she said that what I needed was clear contact paper. She was right, but I’d forgotten the name in the years since I’d bought my last roll. She found it for me over in housewares and I got a roll.

As I motored around the store on my handicapped cart, something dawned on me. I’ve nearly lost the use of my trigger finger! My health and retirement have caused me to be on the computer a downright sinful amount of time, and all that time with my finger working the mouse has caused the muscle that closes the first joint on my trigger finger to nearly atrophy. The second joint is affected, too. I’ve thought there was something wrong with the last couple spray cans that I’ve tried using, but it turns out to be ME! I’m going to have to try exercising the joints and see if I can bring those muscles back.

As we left, we were approached by little kids in baseball uniforms at the door wanting us to contribute to their club. I have nothing against kids playing ball, but I DO have something against what the parents have turned it into. When I was a kid, if we wanted to play ball, we got a bat, a ball, and any gloves we could find and played ball. Now, the parents have turned it into minor-league game with a major-league attitude, complete with fist-fights, shouts to “kill the umpire” and winning at all costs. We didn’t donate.

Nor did I donate to the guy from the volunteer fire department who rang the doorbell as we were putting away the groceries. It was a better cause, but the county now charges us a tax that’s supposed to cover the VFD’s, not that it does. We just can’t afford it anymore. There are many, many worthwhile causes out there, but things have been so tight lately that I haven’t even been able to give to any Christian charities. I know the Lord understands; if any people can’t, they can just deal with it. It’s a different time and a different world than it used to be, especially for us aging antiques. Copyright 2018


Ralph Goff said...

So true that charity begins at home.

Ralph Goff said...

I notice my mouse finger joints are suffering too. Arthritis and old age I guess.

Gorges Smythe said...

Yeah, Ralph - priorities. As for our joints, SURELY it's not age! - lol