Friday, June 1, 2018

Getting My Ears Lowered

For the wet-behind-the-ears among you, “getting your ears lowered” is an old euphemism for getting a haircut. If you don’t know what wet-behind-the-ears means, woe is you. - LOL

We’ve been hoping to go to Amish country sometime this month, but the missus wanted me to get sheared before she’d set a date. My hair and beard are both shorter (and grayer) than they used to be, but she still considers me a wild and woolly-looking old heathen. When I was a kid, I got a taper cut like my dad, but as I got older, I had the barber block the back at the hairline and let the sides just reach my ears. I’ve worn it that way now for at least 40 years.

For all of our 35 years of welded bliss, the missus has grumbled and growled about my unkept appearance, sometimes saying that it looked like I’d gotten a bowl cut, and other times saying I looked like the little dutch boy. I knew what she wanted, but that was part of the reason I’d never gotten it. You see, her saintly first husband (of which I’m the satanic opposite) wore a taper cut. Need I say more?

Still, I’m getting older, lazier, and less patient with the effort required to care for my top-knot. Besides, it’s getting downright hot already this year. So, I decided to send my wife into shock and walk out of the barber shop with a regular old-fashioned taper haircut. My barber was certainly surprised!

She never even noticed, at least not until I walked out of the SECOND place where I’d stopped in my bill-paying rounds. Then she didn’t even recognize me for a second. You can see how much attention she actually pays me. Unfortunately, she likes it.

Despite pleasing the missus, I’ll probably keep the haircut of my youth, now that I’ve made the switch back. It is, after all, a pretty good haircut for kids and old men, and…….kid that I am………… ;-)   Copyright 2018


Sunnybrook Farm said...

My barber retired so I had to find a new one. Turned out our heating guy recommended a lady barber so after being assured that she wasn't a stylist, I went to her shop. She knows how to cut hair and will fix it like I want. The best part is that she gives a nice shoulder massage after the cut, very smart on her part as it feels good and gets her nice tips. Now my hair stays shorter than normal.

Ralph Goff said...

Not sure what a taper cut is but its likely not something I would need. Sadly my haircuts are only required on the sides and back of my head.

Gorges Smythe said...

Smart lady she is, SF!

Chances are, it's what YOU have, Ralph. It starts at the hairline and gets slightly longer as it goes up.

Lady Locust said...

Bet it looks right nice - and will afford you a bit more time between haircuts 😉

Gorges Smythe said...

Unlike my wife, my mom noticed it first thing, LL! - lol