Monday, June 25, 2018

I Think It’s Just A Mindset

Ever since last fall my wife has reacted in horror, every time we pull in the driveway and she sees the leaves trapped on the nearly flat porch roof under the three-foot over-hang of the upstairs gable. I can’t climb a ladder anymore though, and couldn’t get through the window the last time that I tried. Recently, the missus has been threatening to have me thread the water hose through the house so she could hose the leaves off the porch roof. Knowing her and how the house is built, I knew that the last thing needed up there was her with a hose.

So today, as she was resting from her morning chores, I found and cleaned two cement blocks and carried them upstairs (no easy task for a worthless old geezer like me). After taking out the removable side of the window to make more room, I placed one block inside my bedroom window, and the other on the porch roof, just outside. That allowed me to take a step up and SQUEEZE through the window (with great effort) onto the block outside and step down. In the past, I didn’t need the blocks, since I was thinner and more agile, but now I do.

Once on the porch roof, I swept all the leaves over the edge with a push broom and retraced my steps back inside. I wasn’t sure that I was going to make it back in for a minute. I left the blocks in place for next time, took the push broom back to the porch and drifted into the back room, where the missus was watching “Gunsmoke.” Asked what I’d been doing, I just told her that I’d been puttering around upstairs.

Later, we took a jaunt to town and back. As we pulled in the driveway, the missus asked why there was a cement block on our porch roof. Being a little evasive, I told her that it must have been left from the last time that I’d climbed through the window. After remarking that I should remove it “before it ruins the roof,” she said no more. I swear, I really don’t think she even noticed that the leaves that she’d griped about for months were gone. At least she found something to fret about and was able to find a little job for me. I reckon those are the important things. - LOL - Copyright 2018


Mamahen said...

Oh my...I'm glad you got back in safely...that sounded awfully dangerous.

Lady Locust said...

Maybe next time just make an extension for the broom handle and push them off from inside where it’s safe 😊
Also had to let you know about the radish greens- we had salad with dinner last night which included 2 kinds of lettuce, chard, spinach, dandelion, and radish greens as well as radishes, olives and carrots. There are probably different kinds of radishes but ours have the fuzzy pokey kinds of leaves that aren’t chewing friendly though the flavor was fine.

Gorges Smythe said...

Nah, Mh, the roof is almost flat.

Fuzzy doesn't sound too edible, LL. It's a shame you don't like cooked greens; I think that gets rid of the fuzziness.