Sunday, June 10, 2018

Little Ado About Next To Nothing

We went to Chinamart today and got Mom’s groceries. The missus had to change her handicapped cart half-way through, and I had to charge mine to keep it running. They didn’t have four of the items Mom wanted and I plumb forgot one, so it wasn’t a good day, shopping wise. The missus decided to just start going back to our “Saturday store” on Sunday, since they have a better selection. Mom gave me a loaf of banana bread for my efforts and it’s half gone already as I type this tonight.

I checked my computer when we got home and then took a nap. It was too hot and MUGGY this afternoon to think about doing anything outside. I finally went out about 7PM and did a little work with my hand-pruners. A holly tree came up under the big oak in the front yard, and I pruned it the other day. Another had come up under a maple on the other side of the yard and I pruned it today, along with a little work on the maple.

There’s a small walnut that came up in the log road beside the house that I’d planned to transplant, but I decided the other day that my transplanting days are over. It’s always a gamble anyway, and then you have to protect them from deer until they get get large enough that the deer can’t damage them. Heck, I might well be dead before any walnut I move now would bear nuts. My stepson will probably just sell the place when we’re gone, so I don’t see the point. I DO have a couple larger volunteers that I might clean around and prune a little, plus, I have two grown ones nearby.

The missus refuses to believe that Anthony Bourdain killed himself, especially once she heard that he’d been hassled by Hillary’s goons in the past. It might have been a carefully staged robbery, too. My wife also thinks he wouldn’t do himself in because of his 11-yer-old daughter, but I told her that people do it all the time. The travel Channel seems to be having a “Bourdain-athon,” and I heard a remark that sounded a little suicidal on one of his shows as I walked by, though, so who’s to say.

I just talked to Mom on the phone and she wants me to see if I can sharpen her scissors. I can do the angled face of the blade, at least. Years ago, I had the equipment to do the hollow-grinding side on scissors, plus a machine to sharpen handsaws and circle saws (no carbide). I wish now that I hadn’t sold them, but I got rid of them when I got married the second time, as they were sitting in what was to be the living room. I’ve joked that I should have held onto my horse instead of the first wife, maybe I should have held onto my sharpening equipment instead of the second one. There are times that it’s probably best that she NEVER reads my blog! - LOL

Well, I hope y’all had a good weekend. Monday means back to the salt mines for some of you, so I hope your week passes as quickly and pleasantly as possible. And as Tennessee Ernie Ford used to say, “Bless your pea-pickin’ heart!” Copyright 2018


Mamahen said...

Sounds like your day could have gone better, but the banana bread sounds good. I agree in that it is probably good that your wife has no interest in blogging. lol

Gorges Smythe said...

Yeah, Mh, It's a good thing alright!