Thursday, June 14, 2018

Morning Porch Sit And Work Not Done

I hit the hay late last night and took the pooch out just before I did. Since the missus didn’t ring the bell for me to do so, I waited until 7:30 to take her out. I’d woken up three other times, but decided to be lazy if I could. After she drained, I gave her the now expected drink of water and sat on the porch with her.

The usual choir was singing in the forest edge. I could both hear and see robins as they fed in the side yard before me. A couple Carolina wrens chatted in the woods - one chanting, “cheater, cheater, cheater,” the other answering “Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy!” I can only suppose it was her way of denying the accusation. A single mourning dove cooed from the cover of the white pines out by the road and one of the mockingbirds showed off his repertoire in a clump of brush at the front left corner of the yard. An odd trilling call echoed from the same general area, but deeper into the woods. I finally decided that it was some sort of wood-pecker, a guess validated by a hammering that soon started. A few songs came from unseen forces in the tree-tops in the woods, which I blamed on warblers. I don’t even try to distinguish between them, there’s simply too many and too little to go on.

After about 45 minutes, the Mighty Dachshund decided it was time to go inside, which was a bit of a relief. I’d originally planned to do some scythe work after she went back in, but I just didn’t have it in me, so I went back to bed. A few winks later, I got up once again with good intentions to do the same job, but the missus decided to fix breakfast. Upon its completion, she decided it was time for us to escape Alcatraz. After a visit to Chinamart, we ran a few errands, including picking up my old laptop from the shop, and buying some dope at Kroger’s. They were able to salvage everything off the laptop and put it on a flash-drive. This evening, I put the files on my new computer and consolidated them with the new files, so I’m relieved to have things organized again. Maybe next month, I can afford to have the files salvaged from my old desktop and get rid of both of them.

I took the pooch out to drain and dump this evening and sat on the porch with her for about 45 minutes again. The evening doe passed through the lawn and the pooch gave her customary growl. The birds were settling in for the evening, though it was hard to tell with the neighbor across the road mowing his lawn. The dove was cooing in the pines again, and the mockingbird was doing his best to imitate a whippoorwill. He was getting all the notes right, but he was singing with too much gusto, rather than the smooth sound of the night bird he was trying to sound like. The robins were feeding and singing before me in the side yard again. Finally, well after the sun was gone a mosquito kept pestering my left ear and I decided to call it an evening.

Maybe I can get up early enough tomorrow to get a little work done. (Cue fuzzy-headed girl singing “Tomorrow, tomorrow!”) Copyright 2018


Mamahen said...

Happy to hear you're getting things more to your liking on your new computer. Like you, a or more work gets planned than gets done here on Sit Spell Hill, but oh well, that fuzzy headed girl can sing her song here also:))

Gorges Smythe said...

LOL - At my present rate, Mh, I've got enough work to last 50 years!