Friday, June 15, 2018

Porch Sitting, Forgetfulness and Observations

I forgot to tell you yesterday that the two yellow fungi that I showed you the day before had disappeared overnight. So had the third, except for the stem. Apparently, the deer found them. The Indian pipes were untouched. In fact, nothing ever seems to bother them. To further prove my forgetfulness, there were TWO things that I wanted to tell you, but since thinking of the above title, I’ve already forgotten the second one!

AH! I just remembered! (No joke.) Last evening, the Mighty Dachshund and I were were treated to a light-show show by the resident lightning bugs (that’s fireflies for you civilized sorts). There was a pretty good turn-out for just a private lawn. I remember the days of my youth that entire meadows would be covered by the glowing fliers. I don’t think we have as many of the little critters as we used to, perhaps because they seem to do best in farm fields and there’s so little farming these days.

I took the pooch out at 6:30 this morning and sat on the porch with her for the better part of an hour. The robins were back for a while, as I listened to some bird in the woods below the back of the house sing “jeepers, whee, he, he, he, he, he,” Like it was on some thrilling carnival ride. The second part was pretty much of a trill. I took it to be a Carolina wren, since they have so many varied calls. However, the singer was soon before me at the edge of the woods and turned out to be a towhee (chewink). Guess I learned something new today. A squawking jay passed through and a couple noisy crows but, mostly, there was just the usual twittering of birds in the woods to be heard. Having learned what the leaves of “blue-eyed flowers” look like, I noticed that this section of lawn has them, too. I should transplant some of them to an area where they can remain undisturbed and bloom.

At one point, it sounded as if a steam train was coming out the road in the distance, complete with the ka-chug, ka-chug sound of the escaping steam. The mighty Dachshund barked at it and seemed offended that it was intruding on her otherwise quiet porch sit. As the great machine grew closer, the sound became more metallic and it became obvious that it was the big track-hoe that they’ve been using to ditch the road and lay new culverts in preparation for paving the road eventually. In the distance the moving tracks made the ka-chug sound. Remembering when older folks still called the newer track-hoes “steam-shovels,” I often call them that myself, and this morning, it sounded like one.

The pooch didn’t like the fact that the big machine was working just out of sight through the corner of our woods and had all the shouting of men and back-up warnings on the machine and accompanying trucks. After a couple minutes of listening and growling, she stood and walked to the door signaling that she’d had enough auditory abuse for one morning. Copyright 2018

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