Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Porch Sitting, Lawn Mowing And Zimmern


Yesterday was a beautiful day for me, not much sun - low 70’s and with a touch of breeze. The Mighty Dachshund and I sat on the porch for nearly an hour in the morning. The birdsong has dwindled off quite a bit, I think because the nestlings are out of the nest and the parents are less about defending territories now. A cardinal and a wren were still at it though and, of course, the mockingbird out near the road NEVER shuts up, though even he has backed off a little.

I haven’t seen any more of the redstart that I saw a while back, but I did see the brown thrasher again yesterday. I think thrashers are in the thrush family, like robins, but I didn’t look it up. The grackles were around, too, but not as active as they have been lately. The cooing of a mourning dove came from the white pines out along the road.

Naturally, the pooch kept me informed of any interlopers on her turf (anything within her sight). Luckily, I was able to confine her comments to a couple low growls for each occurrence. I don’t want to get her to where she ignores everything, but I DO prefer that she growl, rather than bark. She did well yesterday, considering that a couple deer grazed across the yard, the neighbor-lady went by with her dog and the guy across the road was whacking weeds.

The yard needed mowed again, but I had no gas in my can, or air in the air-tank to inflate the chronic low tire on the rear of the lawn tractor. (I really SHOULD get the thing fixed.) So, since the missus wanted an excuse to escape Alcatraz, we went to town to get gas and air. The gas was no problem, but the air was a little different. When I went to the place where I normally get the tank filled, it was all new guys. Unfortunately, one of them used to work at a local tire shop and stood by their “safety” policy of not filling air tanks. He’d apparently corrupted the other workers, as well. I just poked around until I found the shop foreman, who I’ve known for years, and he filled it for me with no problem. I guess I’m eventually going to have to invest in my own compressor.

When I got back, I’d planned to just mow around the house and call it a day. However, since it was a nice day, and they were predicting rain today, I went ahead and mowed the whole yard, despite getting a late start. It mowed a lot easier than last time, and took less time, as well. As a guy that I used to go to church with once told me, it looks pretty when it’s mowed. One of my neighbors was a friend of his; do you suppose he was trying to tell me something? - LOL

The missus is watching Zimmern as I type this. He’s a bald, slightly over-weight chef who travels the world eating strange stuff that includes things that no sensible person would eat. That includes blood, little live critters, bugs, sexual organs of anything going and the “mustard” in shellfish. The last one, I find especially disgusting, since most shellfish are scavengers like possums and mustard is what they call shellfish crap. Somehow, eating the sh_t of a creature that eats marine road-kill just doesn’t appeal to me. The interesting thing, is that Zimmern is genetically Jewish, yet eats everything God told them not to and even worships with any other religion that he comes across. He has some interesting shows, but I wouldn’t want to follow him into eternity! Copyright 2018



Lady Locust said...

I wish doing dishes was more like mowing the lawn. It looks nice until next week. With dishes, it can be a matter of minutes.

Gorges Smythe said...

That's sad but true, LL! - lol