Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Death Of Information - And A Nation

Most of us have grown up hearing “McCarthyism” characterized as one of the worst things that ever happened in America. Yet, in the beginning, McCarthy probably had honorable intentions; he simply let power go to his head, as did many who worked with him. There was no doubt that communists had infiltrated every level of government and society, and done so on purpose, as part of an overall plan. Their intentions were evil - the eventual destruction of America as a beacon of freedom and hope to a largely enslaved world. Sadly, the power discovered by McCarthy became its own end, destroying anyone who dared to object to it. Its methods were eventually discredited and its power came to an end. The problem was that society then pretended that the evils of McCarthyism somehow made the evils of communism acceptable.

Nikita Khrushchev told us that this nation would be conquered without firing a shot - that we would fall like a ripe fruit, and he was correct. The communists and socialists that the end of McCarthyism left in place, and those that soon joined them, continued to mold the democratic party to their will. They infiltrated every level of education from kindergarten through the universities and, naturally, all the boards and positions of power involved in education. We’ve raised three generations of children with brain-washing now; I saw it as early as junior high (middle school) 50 years ago when I was there. The snowflake generation is the fruit of all that brain-washing, and it will only get worse.

Whether there was an over-all plan to control the media, some might say is debatable, but it certainly has occurred. I read the other day that 99% of the WORLD’S media is controlled by liberals. In this country, the only source of unbiased news is FOX and a couple religious networks, and FOX is fading fast, as old man Murdoch’s influence is replaced by that of his liberal sons and daughter-in-law. One doesn’t have to think very hard to imagine what will happen as brain-washed voters are denied any simulence of truth in what was once the news. All major networks are nothing more than propaganda machines.

One only has to watch the two main parties to see one big reason for our ruin. Democrats will fight tooth and toenail among themselves in the primaries, but once over, they will unite behind the chosen candidates and fight equally hard against the republicans. Also, once in power, they’ll work together to achieve their nefarious goals. The republicans will fight one another in the primaries, too, and will continue fighting during the general elections, never truly uniting behind their candidates. Once in power, they’ll do the opposite of the democrats and spend so much time fighting one another that their power is of no real purpose, thus allowing the democrats to continue to call the shots. Only the presence of Donald Trump on the scene has TEMPORARILY slowed our downward slide.

Personally, I think it proved that it was already too late for this country when we elected Bill Clinton the SECOND time. However, one thing is certain, unless conservatives unite and take back the news media and the school systems, we will only descend further into despotism and tyranny. Conservative alternatives to Facebook and Google need to be formed, also. Sadly, the guiltiest of all conservatives in our demise are the “Christians” of this nation who simply rolled over and gave up when Madalyn Murray O'Hare got prayer kicked out of the schools. They have been an almost worthless part of the moral leadership of this nation ever since. And, as for “Christian democrats,” don’t kid yourself, so such creature exists.

Even a herculean effort by conservatives is probably doomed at this late date, but that's what it will take if we stand even the slightest chance of returning this nation to truth and common sense. Copyright 2018


deborah harvey said...

this type of demon comes not out but by prayer and fasting.

it is demonic on a gargantuan scale.

Gorges Smythe said...

I think things are getting set up for the Anti-Christ, dh.