Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Lazy Sunday

Actually Sunday’s are pretty much like every other day around here, but I had to call this post SOMETHING. So, despite every OTHER day of my life being lazy anymore, “A Lazy Sunday” seemed as good a title as anything else.

I wasn’t sleeping well, even though I hadn’t gone to bed until 1AM, so I got up and took the pooch out at 4. It was hot and muggy even then. I stayed up until 5:30 and then went back to bed.  It was even hotter when I got up again at 8:45, even though it was cloudy.

We soon headed over to the far side of town so I could get Mom’s groceries at their Chinamart. I had all but one of her items and was clear in the back of the store when the cart started beeping that it was dying. I was barely able to get it back to the front of the store. I then had to pile all the light stuff on the seat of the cart, so I could get the case of water transferred to the replacement cart, then, of course, I had to take everything off the seat and pile it on the case of water. Before pulling away, I tipped the first cart over on its side, to let everyone know that it was DEAD.

As we left the place, a few minutes later, “Hungry and Homeless” was standing by the stop sign pan-handling. Those were the words on his sign, along with the requisite “God Bless.” He’s a 50-something black dude who looks like it’s been a long time since he missed a meal. I doubt if he’s from around here, as this is still a relatively small town and I’ve never seen him anywhere else.

The last guy to use that location was a white dude, with a fancy car and buckeye plates. He parked far enough away that he thought it unlikely that anyone would make the connection between the pan-handler and the scruffy-looking guy getting into the out-of-state car. HIS name was “Homeless Veteran.” If he was, he sure had a nice set of wheels.

About the only fellow we still give to is the young guy in the wheelchair that we see every couple months for only one or two days with a sign that says “Not homeless, just short on cash.” He really does need the wheelchair, though, as both legs are gone from the hips down. I figure that since he doesn’t make a habit of pan-handling, combined with the apparent honesty of his sign, that my donation to him is as well spent as anywhere else that I could give it.

After taking Mom her groceries, we came home and took a nap. Then, we went down to Kroger’s so I could make my monthly dope purchases. I had to use their restroom while there and came out to discover that my handicapped cart was gone. I hobbled to the front of the store and found it plugged in and waiting for the next customer. I wish Chinamart was about half that efficient. I suggested to the old geezer who watches the self-check-outs that they not take the carts parked near the restrooms for at least a few minutes, but I doubt if he’ll pass it along. You can tell he’s bitter about having to work in his old age and doesn’t like blubber-butts like myself, either. Such is life.

Then we came home again. End of story. Come back again for the next exciting installment! Copyright 2018


Mamahen said...

Lol...I enjoy my quiet days usually. Seems I can't find a rider at our Chinamart most of the time, and if I do, it usually starts beeping about halfway through my shopping. Oh well, saves me money that way 😊

Gorges Smythe said...

Their poor service costs them money; it has too, but since they've never done a study on it, I reckon it doesn't matter, Mh.

deborah harvey said...

excitement is often not good.

Gorges Smythe said...

All too often, you're correct about that, dh.