Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Another Visit to Chinamart

Some folks at Chinamart seem to resent people like us that are there a lot. I’m not sure why, since we usually spend at least a few dollars. Maybe that’s it. Maybe they think we’re rolling in money or something. Wouldn’t THAT be ironic! Anyway, a while back, one of those folks looked at me and asked, “Are you here AGAIN?”

I replied quietly, “Can you keep a secret?”

He looked curious and said, “Yeah, why?”

I then told him that I never actually leave, but just have hiding spots where I can snooze when I want. They have stuff that I can buy to eat 24 hours a day and the sandwich shop is open several hours a day. I wash off in the bathroom at night when there’s fewer people around and if it looks like someone is watching me too close, I just go outside or to my vehicle for a while. He walked off with a strange look on his face.

Moving right along- Not too many years ago, I bought one of the little “Cricket” .22 rifles for an emergency gun of sorts - only paid about $98 for it, I think. The first thing I did was get rid of the stupid “safety” feature that kept it from being reloaded without a key. I noticed that today, the same gun sells for $157, though you can get different colors and materials for the stock. However, you can take that same $157 and buy a nice little Marlin semi-auto, so why would anyone buy a Cricket?

Car companies do the same thing; they start out with a nice affordable little car, jack the price up to all the market will bear, add bells and whistles to further raise the price and suddenly, they no longer have a nice affordable little car that made the sales in the first place. Honda Civics are a perfect example.

A guy was there today to see if they could restore an old family photo that was the worse for wear. Of course the answer was “no.” The problem is that, now they’ve driven all the camera shops out of business, custom work is no longer available either.

There was girl there with the requisite torn and shredded pants, but they weren’t jeans, they were some weird cross between lavender and skin color. They looked even worse than the shredded jeans that are still so popular. Maybe she was just poor, that’s what it made me think.

Another young woman was there that had a pretty face, but it was marred with hog-rings and her body was covered with tattoos. Back in my my youth, about the only people who got tattoos were drunken service men and the hookers they visited. They try to say it’s art, but I know graffiti when I see it, and graffiti shows disrespect for the surface its painted on.

Yes, some would say that I’m a narrow-minded old cuss, and I guess they’re right. I was broader-minded in my youth like most folks but also, like most folks, being broad-minded didn’t do me any favors. So, as I get older and wiser, my mind keeps getting “narrower,” since that’s what the goofballs choose to call it. And they say that I need sensitivity training, too! Copyright 2018


Sunnybrook Farm said...

They are probably searching the store at night looking for you and have had to hire an extra person to eliminate store squatting. It may be possible to actually pull off what you joked about especially if you looked like one of the employees from a distance.

Hank said...

George, I agree totally with you ... though you forgot how the car dealers, after all is said and done and they get you into the office to "sign papers" (there must be 20 or 30 to do so) pressure you with an hour long sales pitch to add on all kinds of things like "gap" insurance, extra extended warranties, paint protection, interior protection, window security etching, etc., etc. ... most of which would DOUBLE your loan payment. And that's even after you have firmly stated you do NOT want any of those add-ons.

Caddie said...

Well, let me join you, for I am narrow-minded when it comes to desecrating the body, which is a temple of God. And frankly, I have always thought tattoos are trashy! Very!

As for society in general, I worry what it is becoming, day by day. Doesn't look too promising.

That's a good joke you pulled on the China-mart person. That is information that will linger in his mind for a long time, I am betting.

Mamahen said...

Lol...I bet he watches you closer now.

Scooney Adrift said...

Wally World is indeed the best show in town! Nothing wrong with being a narrow-minded old cuss, we earned it!

Lady Locust said...

I’m “narrow-minded” too. I love what you told the mart worker.

Gorges Smythe said...

LOL - Not too many folks look like me, SF!

True enough, Hank.

Society certainly going to pot, Caddie. I don't know if the guy ever figured things out or not. ;-)

You're probably right, Mh! - lol

I guess you're right, Scooney!

I like to keep them guessing, LL.