Sunday, July 1, 2018

If It Ain't One Thing...

-'s another. I finally got to where I thought I could spare the time to bolt the metal parts to my chainsaw mill frame, but two pieces are missing. Several years ago, I bought the "Big Mill Basic" from LOGOSOL. Technically, it's made to fasten to the end of large individual logs, but there's a way that you can mount it to a frame and have a more or less permanent set-up to saw smaller logs. That's what I'd planned to do, but I noticed that two pieces were missing when I got it and requested for and received them. Only now did I realize that two OTHER pieces were missing.

Since that time, the company has quit dealing directly with the public, it appears, and their products are now sold in this country through Bailey's, out in California. They're a good company that I've dealt with before, but the mistake wasn't theirs, and I've lost the receipt at some point anyway. I emailed Bailey's and expect a reply tomorrow, but I expect the cost to be totally unreasonable for a poor boy like me. Looking at the schematic, I see no reason why a slightly over-size piece of oak wouldn't do just as well as steel, and I could easily make the pieces myself.

Still, it aggravates me that you can pay around $1000 for something and not receive it all. PLUS, I'm aggravated at myself for not noticing ALL the missing parts THEN and for losing the receipt. Oh well, I'll deal with it somehow. Copyright 2018


Lady Locust said...

Good luck. At least you have vision enough to know what you need.

Gorges Smythe said...

It was pretty easy to figure out actually, LL, but thanks for making me feel smart! - lol