Tuesday, July 31, 2018

It’s Rather Wet Today

I’m glad I covered up the mill frame after swabbing some creosote on it yesterday. They’d been predicting rain today, but it hadn’t started when I took the pooch out at 11AM. The tater wagon was rolling, though, so she didn’t want to sit on the porch. We were able to sit outside when In took her out at 6, though. We were outside for about an hour then, but that included taking the trash out to the road and sitting on the edge of the porch with her while I honed my Boy Scout hatchet and wire-brushed a little dusting of rust that was trying to form on it (It’s a really handy little tool).

The rain began about 11:30 and is still going strong now at 2. The tater wagon is still rolling, but it sounds like the road is a little smoother for now. They’re predicting an inch of rain, which is good. I brought the hatchet inside with me, so I can put a shaving edge on it and put some boiled linseed oil on the handle. I’ll put a little WD-40 on the head. It’ll give me something to do while it rains. Copyright 2018


Ralph Goff said...

We could use that inch of rain here. Slowly. And steel wool works excellent for removing rust from steel too.

deborah harvey said...

somewhere i read that white vinegar soak removes rust from old tools.

Gorges Smythe said...

I didn't have any steel wool, Ralph, so I finshed up using 220 sandpaper rather gently.

It does, dh, and I think regular vinegar will too.