Saturday, July 28, 2018

Kids Sports And Other Saturday Ruminations

We made our usual trip to Chinamart today. There were some little female urchins begging at the door for their soccer team. Earlier this week, it was one of the high school archery teams.

I was in the archery club in high school; we had no need of money. The school furnished the targets and we furnished our own equipment. Soccer wasn’t big back then, but those that played got matching color T-shirts and called it a uniform. No need for money there, either. These days, they expect kids who play sports of ANY kind to be dressed like miniature professional athletes, they rent facilities and they have many coaches whose only goal is to win. You know the parents are even worse when some of them end up killing one another over the call of a ref. Whatever happened to kids just playing to have fun? Now, the parents insist on taking the kids out to games in heat they shouldn’t allow a dog out in. Disgusting.

I had to laugh when I found some “vegan sausages” in with the vegetables today. If vegetarianism is so wonderful, why do they try to make the stuff taste like meat?

I looked at the magazines a while in the store. Those of you who are old like me remember when Grit magazine was actually a weekly newspaper; now it’s a slick-covered bi-monthly magazine, and a pretty good one. I thought it strange, though, that the newest issue has an article on catching wild swarms of bees. Consider the date. Now consider this old rhyme:

“A swarm of bees in May is worth a load of hay.
A swarm of bees in June is worth a silver spoon.
But a swarm of bees in July isn’t worth a fly.”

I can only assume that an August swarm is worth LESS than a fly.

The missus thinks the creosote smell coming from my mill frame stinks. I sort of like it, maybe because it brings back memories of trips with Dad to sell cross-ties to Koppers Company and treating posts on the farm. I guess a pleasant bouquet is in the nose of the beholder.

As usual, we took the same money to Chinamart today and came back with less. We even saw them going around the store marking up prices.

Well, I guess I’ve spread enough joy for one day, catch ya later! Copyright 2018


Mike said...

If vegetarianism is so wonderful, why do they try to make the stuff taste like meat?
Now that's funny!

Gorges Smythe said...

Truth often is amusing, Mike.

deborah harvey said...

love the smell of creosote.

Gorges Smythe said...

Yer MY kinda woman, dh! - LOL