Friday, July 20, 2018

No Dew This Morning

When I took Her Royal Lowness out to drain and dump at 6:30 this morning, I noticed there wasn't a speck of dew. Growing up, Dad always told me that a dewless morning meant rain was on its way, and it always proved true. Sometimes it came within an hour of dawn; sometimes it was 24 hours later, but it always came. The morning dryness came as no real surprise, though, as the weather guy is predicting a week of rain coming, if you can believe such folks.

Since the lawn was needing mowed rather badly already, I sat on the porch with the pooch a while, ate a little something on top of my morning pills, went online a while and took care of my morning's bathroom requirements, then decided if I woke the missus she'd just have to howl. It was 8:30 by then.

The blades are getting dull, so I didn’t go too fast, but the grass was thin enough that I didn’t have to creep, either. There was a mix of sun and cloud, it was fairly cool and there was a little breeze. If it wasn’t for the slope and roughness of our country lawn, the task would have been almost enjoyable.
I mowed the Mighty Dachshund’s dumping ground, near the front of the house, before anything else. If the rain came or the mower went down, I wanted her little backside to stay as dry as possible during the coming wet week. Then, I mowed the big level part of the front yard, to the right, then the narrower sloping part to the left. Following that, I mowed the two sections to the right and left of the drive out by the road, in front of the now large white pines, planted the year That I moved here, 38 years ago.

Lastly, I started mowing the small side-yard near the swing where the pooch and I spend some of our time. The missus had recovered from her sleepless night by then and came out and sat in the swing and watched me finish. She then got the pooch and we all sat outside listening to distant thunder and gazing at our now civilized-looking lawn. It had taken me only an hour and 45 minutes, my best time ever, though I wasn’t trying to set any records. I’ve had it take over four hours when the grass is heavy.

It’s nearly 5PM as I type this, and still no rain, but it will come; mark my words. Incidentally, I’ve learned that the presence of dew in the morning means absolutely nothing, only its absence. Copyright 2018


Mamahen said...

I had never heard that. I'll have to pay closer attention.

Gorges Smythe said...

Does that rank right up there with watching the grass grow, Mh? ;-)