Saturday, July 14, 2018

No Time To Be Without Air

I bought this 2007 Toyota Tundra Crew Max 4x4 new, knowing that it would be the last new truck that I’d ever be able to buy. The only other one I ever bought new was a ‘79 GMC 3/4 ton 4x4 that I drove until I bought this one. It finally got to where it wasn’t worth repairing anymore. I can only pray that this one lasts as long as I do, but it’s been a bit of a lemon from the word go, and in several ways. I hear that they had most of the kinks worked out by the following year but, between the vehicle and the dealership, I’d never buy another one

It’s had a slow leak in the AC for several years, requiring refrigerant every spring but, despite adding stain, the shop was never able to find the leak. I suspect the reason is because it’s under the dash where it can’t be seen. It’s getting worse, though.

Time before last, the can only lasted about a month. This past time it’s only been a week and it’s already losing its effectiveness during the heat of the day. This last can had some sealant in it, but it obviously didn’t do the trick. Today, I got a can whose main purpose seems to be sealing over cooling, but it would only take so much. I guess we’ll see what happens; it was certainly blowing cold air, but it was almost dark at the time, too.

My wife always chooses the hottest part of the day to want to run around, so we’ve GOT to have AC, we’re just not able to take the heat anymore. And to think that we survived all those years in my uncooled GMC just by guzzling giant slurpees! Copyright 2018


Glen Filthie said...

Hmmmmm. Let's see if we can Red Green this, Gorges. I dunno your climate - but try this: a flask of water and a cloth. Wet yourself down with the face cloth, roll down the windows - and let evaporation do the rest?

Your mileage may vary but it worked for me as a kid on the farm bringing bales in.

Gorges Smythe said...

It should still work, Glen.