Saturday, July 21, 2018

Regret And Amusement In The Magazine Aisle

I used to buy a lot of magazines, but then I used to read a lot - books included.Unfortunately, I got old. Old age isn’t all bad, of course, just mostly bad. One good thing is that we’re not as stupid as we used to be. As related to magazines, that means that we know more than many of the younger people now writing in those magazines, so the over-priced booklets no longer inform us as they once did. That pretty much does away with taking home a magazine on certain subjects, knowing that you’ll learn something. These days, it’s mostly just a rewording of things that we already know, OR, it’s some bunch of utter stupidity put out by someone too young to know any better. Such is life.

Of course there are still a FEW magazines out there that I’d like to take home. I don’t know EVERYTHING, after all, and even rehashes can be enjoyable at times. Unfortunately, prices don’t go down, even when your income does. I wasn’t getting rich driving truck, but I’m only drawing half that amount now. If magazines were still 50-75 cents, I’d still buy a few, but if I were to start paying the $6-12 now required to get most magazines I’d start losing that weight the doc desires.

I still enjoy looking through “Outdoor Life” most months, but then I’m pretty sure it’s them that insists that the saddle goes UP on log cabin saddle notches, so they catch all the rain and snow possible and rot out in just a few years. I sent them a note about it a few years ago, but then what would an old country boy like me know, compared to some college-educated feller that’s never taken a good look at a saddle notch in his life?

Speaking of that publication, they’ve gone from monthly to quarterly now and the price is up to $8, even though they appear no thicker than they used to be. They also have a book out on surviving off-grid. (Everything is off-grid these days, you know, even gardening and pig slopping.) I read one line in their great tome of wisdom and set it back in the rack. Paraphrased (due to my bad memory), it said that if you did what they told you and didn’t survive, then it was just your time. Whether it was ignorance and arrogance, or just a bad attempt at humor, I don’t know, but I DID find the whole thought amusing. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a shovel with me, so I figured next time, I’d go to the lawn and garden section first and THEN look over that wonderful book. Copyright 2018


deborah harvey said...

go to the library one day per week and read all the magazines you want.
also use interlibrary loan to get lots of books.
i'm reading one now that is tough going because print is so small, but you can usually get the large print edition.
we do not have $$$ for books, especially as prices are often outrageous,
and many that w read are out of print.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Magazines and newspapers are becoming obsolete as about any subject can be read about on the internet and most have videos. I'm not sure the accuracy is as good as articles were 50 years ago but at least it is free and I keep searching until I find a good one. A lot of what I read back then was for free at the barber as he kept the good magazines for people who waited, probably why the shop was full of people where they just turn and leave if they have to wait these days.

Gorges Smythe said...

That's always an option, dh!

You're on the money, SF, and I did a lot of reading at the barber shop, too.