Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

Keep them trucks a-rollin’; keep them trucks a-rollin’, asphalt! (Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself, though you’ll need to have a few years on you to get it.)

The dump trucks are running the ridge hot and heavy this morning. I took the trash out earlier than normal today (but still late for most folks) and noticed that there were more trucks running than yesterday and some were companies that I’d never heard of. Whether they’re newer companies or ones from out of state, I didn’t get a chance to see. When there’s a big paving or oil job, you’re likely to see trucks from anywhere in the region. This isn’t a big job in and of itself, but West Virginia is supposed to be making a real effort to get a LOT of paving done this year. It’s about time.

After I took the trash out, I worked out near the road for a few minutes picking up limbs and piling them at the edge of the woods. The area looks a lot better now, but even though I was mostly in the shade and didn’t work very long, the humidity was so bad that my shirt was soaked with sweat. When I got back to the house, I took the pooch out to dump and drain and then sat on the porch with her a while. A robin popped down from a limb and sat looking at me for a bit, like I was something he didn’t quite trust. Soon, a tufted titmouse began dropping down and scratching in the grass for a moment and then returning to a limb a few feet above. He seemed to think me suspicious this morning, too. In the distance, our neighborhood crows were discussing the news of the day, but I couldn’t make it out.

The whole time we were out there. The dump trucks kept BACKING toward the area where they were paving, only to return ten minutes later or less. I figure that meant three things. One - they were off the twisty, hilly section of the road and had moved onto the flatter areas, thus making better time. Two - they’d passed their last turn-around area, so they were having to back in from about a half-mile away. Three - between being past the last turn around and their quick returns, they were probably paving within a half-mile of our house. They aren’t allowed to turn loaded trucks on private pavement or new asphalt for fear of damage, in case your wondering about that.

The pooch eventually seemed troubled by the incessant truck traffic and began whining, so we finally came in. It was only 9:15 and it was already so miserable outside that, even just sitting in the swing, I was sweating. Even inside, the pooch is still upset by the trucks, but I expect to have new pavement in front of the house before the day’s over. We have so many freeze-thaw cycles at this latitude that winter will probably undo a lot of their efforts, but It’ll be nice while it lasts.

Addendum - This was typed up at 10AM; by 12:30 we had new pavement in front of our house. Copyright 2018


Mamahen said...

Got that tune in my head now...thanks lol

Ralph Goff said...

As a kid who watched a lot of tv in the 60s, I get the rollin reference. I better not complain about our 90 degrees and humidity I guess after hearing what you have to deal with.

Gorges Smythe said...

Anything for a friend, Mh! - lol

Things could always be worse for ALL of us, Ralph. I guess I shouldn't gripe so much, but I'm just so cussed GOOD at it! ;-)