Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Why They Keep Calling Back

We nearly all hate telemarketers in the figurative sense, even telemarketers themselves. Most telemarketers do what they do only because they haven’t yet found better work; they move on when they do. For many, it’s an entry level job, like flipping burgers. Since there are always young people entering the workforce, there will always be companies willing to use the cheap labor to make big profits. Personally, the callers may have no desire to call you back, but they have no choice, the calls come to them automatically a few seconds after the hang-up by the prior number.

You see, the calling is NOT just about selling you something; the calling itself and the assembling of calling lists are businesses in their own right. As you’re aware, most companies with whom you do business eventually sell your number and address to marketing companies, even when they promise that they won’t. The company that buys the list puts it into a call machine that dials automatically and fields the call to whichever caller isn’t occupied at that second. Some of the calls you get where no-one is there are caused by no caller being available when the machine makes the call.

Hanging up causes an automatic call-back, since the company demands that the caller actually speak to someone in authority to accept a “no” response. Even hollering “NO” into the phone won’t work, since you could be a guest at that number for all they know. So, until you take the time to admit that you are a person of authority at that number and tell them no, you will continue getting calls. IF you’re lucky enough to get a real live caller, tell them to not only delete you from their employer’s calling list, but also from their CLIENTS calling list. Otherwise, when the client contracts another company, you will be back in the cycle. Law requires them to delete you if requested, but not every company does so.

Speaking of cycles, once the list has been called through, it will be started again from the beginning to try catching those they missed the first time, or those who hung up on them. Only when that list becomes very short will they switch to a different list or add new numbers to the current list. So, if a telemarketer calls you twice within an hour or less, it means they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for that particular list.

A lot of folks don’t realize that, since the government didn’t want to completely ruin the telemarketing industry, the companies don’t get in trouble until after the second or third time they call a number on the do-not-call list. Naturally, the companies know this and take advantage of it. Furthermore, it SEEMS like they only get in trouble if calling from the same number. That’s why that once you tell them no about three times, or report them to the government a couple times, they call you from a new number.

Even once they quit calling you, they keep your information and resell the list to another company. Even the people who’ve requested no calls and those reporting them to Uncle Sam have their info sold to another company. Of course THAT company then has three whacks at you before they can get in trouble. Then THEY sell your information.

Having worked as a telemarketer for four years, during a thoroughly depressing time in my life, I have sympathy for both the caller and the “callee.” I have absolutely NO sympathy for the companies, since they treat both like crap. Since it’s basically an invasion of your privacy, I think third party calling should be made illegal. If a company wants to reach you, THEY should have to pay their own employees to do it.

Personally, I listen to every call a few seconds, then hang up and report it to Uncle Sam as soon as I’m at my computer the next time. My wife refuses to do so and gets probably five times the calls that I do, but they STILL keep calling (and always will). I won’t even get started on junk mail today! - LOL - Copyright 2018


Tony Tsquared said...

With my company cell phone if I hear the buzz of a telemarketing floor in the background I answer the phone with "Sheriff's Department, Vice department". That usually gets me removed from their calling list.

The ones that I don't like is the robo calls with the recorded message or interactive computer generated voice. Then there are the calls that ring once and hang up wanting you to call them back.

With my personal cell it is set to send all calls not in my contacts list to voicemail.

Gorges Smythe said...

I reckon everyone has a system, TT. ;-)

Lady Locust said...

I can't stand the calls. Love the idea of answering "sherrif's dept.". I also, like answering "internal revenue service ". I pretty well have mail under control with the exception of the local hospital and college both of which I've contacted but know too many people (it's a small town) to be too ornery.

Gorges Smythe said...

I see where that could be a drawback, LL. - lol