Thursday, July 26, 2018

Yes, There Are SOME Nice Buckeyes

But as a group, I don’t care for them. So many of them come over here and act rude and drive like idiots that they don’t make many friends on this side of the river, but the main thing I have against them is how many are ready to dis West Virginians.

Since our local TV station has been run by buckeyes, we’re constantly hearing how ignorant, unhygienic, toothless, drugged up, drunk, unhealthy, violent, incestuous, and emotionally unstable we are. We also don’t seek proper healthcare, don’t want to work and are more likely than normal to beat our wives and children. Here’s the deal, other states have higher numbers of these problems by far, but so many people have LEFT the state looking for better work, that it has concentrated the problems somewhat, giving us a higher PERCENTAGE of the population with such problems. Therefore, they only mention percentages, not comparitve numbers.

Today, our disgusting liberal excuse for a senator, Joe Manchin, was on PBS discussing the opioid problem in West Virginia. Granted, we DO have a problem with it here, as does EVERY state, but guess which PBS station was airing the show - the OHIO PBS station. You see, the thing that pisses ME off is that MOST of the ILLEGAL dope coming into West Virginia comes straight out of COLUMBUS, OHIO! For some reason, they always ignore that fact.

For the folks from Ohio who I count among my friends, I hope that you still consider me one of yours, but I wouldn’t have said the above if I didn’t mean it.

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deborah harvey said...

well, i live here but i'm not one! daddy was from lincoln county and i'm from cabell.
i noticed how polite ohioans are but we moved here from a stint in new jersey [rude!] and rhode island, where the people are not so hospitable.
it's the contrast.
p.s.- don't drive in n.j.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

One of the positive outcomes from losing the second war for independence is that Virginia no longer borders Ohio!

Gorges Smythe said...

I try to stay away from northern states, dh! - lol

LOL - You have a point, SF!