Sunday, August 12, 2018

Another Clinton Murder Perhaps?

Eric Braverman, former CEO of the Clinton Foundation, is allegedly a missing person.
The interest in Braverman stems from the Wikileaks Podesta emails in which we discovered that Eric Braverman, realizing what the Clinton Foundation was doing, went to the media (NBC?), and told them to "follow the money" to find out the true crimes of the Clinton Foundation.
That following the money will lead you to the arms weapons, that will lead you to the oil.
Why is Eric Braverman still missing? Same reason Amb. Chris Stevens and arms dealer Marc Turi are dead. He knew too much.
In May of 2015, Fox News reported that an arms deal (stinger missiles and sarin gas) done by Marc Turi went to Qatar, and was then shipped to Libya.
In DAY #20 (Nov. 2016) of his investigative series, George Webb reported that the Libyan government was toppled for Sid Blumenthal's investment consortium. The Turi weapons are then shipped to Syria. These Syrain ports are are points of entry for the weapons: Borj, Islam, and Banias.
In an email conversation between Neera Tanden and John Podesta, Tanden warns John Podesta to “keep tabs on Doug Band” who she assumed was the insider who told NBC to “follow the money and find the real HRC scandal".
Podesta replied with the true identity of the mole: Eric Braverman.
When a member of wikileaks and the mentor of Assange's strangely dies on Oct 22, Braverman allegedly went to the Russian embassy seeking asylum. "This is unconfirmed. We haven't heard from him since."
Although there seems to be some small evidence -- an email between his account and another with Braverman's husband Neil Brown (more on him later) uncovered by George Webb, indicates Braverman's in hiding.
George Webb's thesis is that Hillary, David Petraus, Joe Biden, members of a "Senators' Oil Club" (which we will learn includes John McCain and Lindsey Graham) and Hillary loyalists such as John Podesta, used their political influence and close tetherings to people in the intelligence community / the national security council, the US military, and defense contractors to:
* run a "counterterrorism" proxy war in Syria (ISIS) using funding stolen from a toppled and politically-controlled Libya...
* ... to build a pipeline from Saudi to Turkey, in a...
* ... large Gladio-like NATO conspiracy to overthrow Assad...
* ... lean on Turkey to force a pipeline to Europe through their country to Greece using the Clinton Fountation, political elitists and international banks to launder money and make covert deals.


Tim Shey said...

Gorges: Who is the source for this article on Eric Braverman?

Gorges Smythe said...

Wish I remembered, Tim, I can't find it now.