Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Another Day In Paradise

I slept sort of late this morning, but when I got up, the missus was getting ready for me to take her to the Chinamart a few miles upstream in enemy territory. She gets her hair done there and she decided that today was the day. She gets aggravated when she goes there, though, because they have much better meat and vegetables than our WV stores do, but at the same prices. I don’t think they charge sales tax on food, either.

She didn’t find a rider when she went in, but I parked by the far door and there were a couple there. I rode back and checked to see if they had a small “tiger tooth” handsaw the stores had earlier for only $5, but theirs were gone just like the other stores. I didn’t have the $5 then, and now that I do, they don’t have the saws.

I was going to get one because I can’t find my old Millers Falls workhorse that belonged to Dad. Its buried in the clutter of the basement somewhere. I’m hoping to get a tiny tool shed built by winter, so I can take all my outside tools out of the basement. It’s a only a 16x26 basement and nearly everything I own, except my lawn tractor, is in there. Not a good thing, especially in case of fire.

After I’d checked on the saw, I dropped the rider off to my wife at the beauty parlor and spent the rest of my time on a bench near the door, partly people-watching and partly trying to snooze. I had little success at the latter.

When we got home, I took the pooch out, but she didn’t want to stay outside long. I think she heard the missus puttering around the kitchen. I heard no birds that I remember, but the cicadas were wound up pretty good. When I start hearing crickets, I’ll know that fall is on the way for sure. I haven’t heard any katydids yet, but the missus spotted one clinging to the side of the house as we left earlier. That silly song by Porter Wagoner came to mind when I saw it.

I took a late nap this afternoon, and then tinkered on patching one of my old pair of jeans, while I was upstairs. I guess I’m weird. When I get an old pair patched up, I’m as happy with them as I would be with a new pair, maybe happier.

I’ve got an online friend who’s considering joining the Amish. I hope he doesn’t as I’d miss chatting with him online, but I’ve been praying that the Lord’s will be done in the matter. Very, VERY few such conversions pan out, but he’s from a Swiss denomination that has some slight similarities to them and he already speaks two dialects of German, so I reckon he’d have as good a chance as anyone.

There doesn’t seem to be much online activity at my usual online haunts tonight, so I’ll be glad when Gunsmoke comes on INSP at 10. Hope your day has been a bit more thrilling than mine. - LOL - Copyright 2018


Lady Locust said...

Got up to 114 degrees here today (well in town.) I think your summer has been more mild. We've been throwing water on things every waking hour and not making it back in until nearly bedtime. Your "enemy territory " comments crack me up, but I'm glad you at least have the choices - even if neither has your saw.

Gorges Smythe said...

Too hot for me, LL; I'd move. As for enemy territory, my FB friend who lives "over there" tries to be tolerant of my terminology. - lol