Thursday, August 2, 2018

Deer Me!

Yes, I know that title is corny and trite, but I just couldn’t help myself; deal with it! - LOL

It was 6:30 when I took the Mighty Dachshund out to dump and drain this morning. The little birds seemed extra quiet this morning, but the crows were their usual raucous selves as we took our spots on the porch to sit a spell. Soon there were a couple fawns grazing in the yard, then their momma. Not long after, a young doe and her fawn appeared out near the white pines close the road.

The younger doe stayed near the pines, but her fawn, much smaller than those of the older doe, wandered around a bit. The older doe and her fawns kept working my way until the distance between us was less than 50 feet. At that distance they continued to graze but, aware of our presence, they came no closer. Finally, both trotted back to momma and began to nurse. They slurped noisily and butted the doe’s udder just like hungry calves. After a couple a couple minutes, the doe had enough and turned and walked away, walking further each time they tried nursing again.

At seeing the twins nurse, the young doe’s fawn ran to her and tried doing likewise, but the young doe was having none of it. It was then that I noticed how poorly the fawn looked, and I literally prayed that the Lord would watch over the little tyke. Soon the younger doe crossed the road with her fawn and a third doe, that I hadn’t seen, came from the direction of the neighbor’s flower bed. She, too, was a young doe with a single, small, undernourished-looking fawn. The energy of the two youngsters must have been okay, though, for soon they were playing together and running back and forth like Derby Day racers.

Eventually, a noisy car spooked the two does and their fawns and they ran to the left, out of my sight. The nearer doe gradually grazed toward the forest’s edge at the left side of the lawn until her and her fawns slowly disappeared into the weeds there. I think that’s where they spend a lot of their time - just out of sight below the yard.

At last, the Mighty Dachshund lost interest in watching a deerless lawn and whined to go inside, so we did, but we’d passed nearly an hour on the porch by that time. Copyright 2018

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