Monday, August 6, 2018

Gloom, Despair And Agony On Me…

My fellows of the Hee Haw generation will know the rest of the chorus. I’ve had a bit of that kind of luck lately myself. They say that negative people attract “bad luck,” while positive people attract the good variety. I guess that might explain a few things. - LOL

Friday, I planned on getting some deodorant at Chinamart, but they didn’t have the variety of Arm & Hammer that I’ve been using. I looked at their other types and they had names that sounded either like tropical drinks or trashy novels. That didn’t bug me as much as the fact that the only scents I liked were the ones made with a clear alcohol-based stick that makes me raw after about a week.

I went over to the Old Spice section to see if they’d ever brought back the original scent that made them famous and profitable, but no such luck. Why a company drops the product that made them successful always baffles me. They started with after-shave, of course, but they’ve made deodorant for years now. Once again, the names were foolishness and the good scents belonged to alcohol-based sticks. I don’t like sprays, so I finally settled on a scent-free stick by Arm & Hammer.

The eye-glass place fixed my glasses for free by giving me a new right temple. Unfortunately, it doesn’t even come close to matching. I don’t really care, but I haven’t gotten used to it yet and sometimes my peripheral vision tells me that there’s a black 2x4 trying to sneak up on my right side. (Photo at bottom of post.)

I bought a Straight-Talk phone card while I was there, but I didn’t try adding it to my phone until last night. It said the “pin number” (card number) was invalid for my phone. It said the same thing today. Wouldn’t you know that I’ve already misplaced the receipt. Chinamart said they couldn’t do anything without one.

I don’t blame them, it was Straight-Talk that apparently sold me a number that’s already been used. I’m going to try calling them again tomorrow and see if I can get a real live person, but I’m not going to hold my breath. It seems to me that if they know the number has been used, they should be able to tell me when, but I figure I know how THAT would go.

After I left Chinamart today, we went to the Fallen Arches Restaurant and got a couple dollar Cokes. I took the first drink of mine about a mile down the road, only to discover it was warm and had no ice. I didn’t bother going back. Maybe I’ll just stay in bed tomorrow. Copyright 2018

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