Saturday, August 11, 2018

Last Day Of Dog Days

The old saying is that Dog Days stays however it sets in. Here on Tick Ridge, it set in hot and muggy. The weatherman kept predicting rain nearly every day, but we only got two or three decent rains the whole time, though we heard thunder many a day. Mostly, we just got short sprinkles that never even reached the ground beneath the oak trees. At least we didn't go into a drought, though.

The air-conditioning bill was horrendous this time. I'm hoping the weather will moderate a little now and we won't need the AC 24-hours-a-day. Time will tell.


Lady Locust said...

We haven't seen rain since June. It hit triple digits the second week of July and we've only had a handful of days that haven't met that mark since then. Yesterday it only made it to mid 80's and was heavenly after a week of record highs.

Harry Flashman said...

My power bill was pretty burdensome too, but I knew it would be. I've been running air conditioning and dehumidifiers in four buildings this summer. With the heat and humidity, I didn't have much choice.

Gorges Smythe said...

I hope you get some relief now, LL.

I can only imagine, Harry.