Saturday, August 4, 2018

Living At Chinamart

Not really, of course, but sometimes it feels that way. We’ve been there three days in a row now, and will go again tomorrow. We went Thursday to get some water, which they didn’t have, but the missus wanted to roam around there some anyway. We then went to Kroger's to get the water, since it’s only a penny higher there. Unfortunately, they’ve gone from cases of 28 to 24 and raised the price 50 cents. We had enough to get by, so I decided to wait ‘til the next day and see if the other Chinamart had any, and what size case and at what price.

Yesterday, we returned for water and to pick up a few things. They still had the larger cases at the old price, if it holds. It was the 3rd and the welfare folks from the 1st were still swarming the place, along with us retirees. I had to wait a while to get a decent parking place, but the missus was lucky enough to get a rider. I wasn’t so lucky. It took me forever to get one, but it started beeping (ready to die) halfway back the first aisle, so I took it back up front and plugged it in. I covered the handle-bars with a bag, hoping no-one would take it and get stranded.

I finally found another one, but saw an old lady who’d just arrived and had been given one, coming back already with that cart beeping. I gave her mine and took hers out, put a bag over the handle-bars and plugged it in to charge. A long time later, I finally got another one, but a little old lady came hobbling in looking around for one, so I gave mine up again.

Just after I got another one, the missus called and said a nice young fellow had put a case of water in the cart for her, and for me to head for the truck, as she was ready to check out. So, I plugged mine in and went out. By that time, my feet, ankles and right knee were all giving me a lot of pain.

Today, we went to do our regular shopping, got there early and got a good parking place and we both got a rider. I picked up two more cases of water (we drink about four a week) and a few other things. I also picked up a couple aluminum yardsticks to use for cutting gauges on the chainsaw mill I’m still slowly assembling.

Leaving the lot, we passed a young man (maybe 30) with a sign that said “traveling with dog, need a little cash.” He was clean and the boxer/pit bull was well cared for, but we were in the wrong lane to help. At the drive-through at McD’s, I got two extra double cheeseburgers, plain, with some packets of catsup and mustard. Going back to the guy, the missus handed them to the guy, as I explained that one was for him and one was for the dog. The dog smelled food and was excited. We gave the kid $5, too, since he seemed more legit than the scruffy-looking folks that usually panhandle there. I regretted forgetting water for him, but the missus said it looked like they had some.

My knee was still bothering me from yesterday and seemed to be swelled a little, so I took an aspirin and an acetaminophen and managed to get a good nap. Tomorrow, we go back to Chinamart to get my mother’s groceries and whatever we forgot today. We should buy stock in that company! Copyright 2018


Don Setliff said...

Gorge, Why don't you consider getting a Big Berkey water filter. We used to buy filtered water in 35 bottle cases at Kmart for about $3.00 apeice until Kmart went out of business. Now the water is hard to find at a decent price since we went on Soso security. This filter was the type used by missionaries in Africa, and doesn't use water pressure, you just pour the water in the top and after a while, you can drain it out the bottom. It has a spigot. I bought mine in Y2K and it's still working good today. You remove the filters and clean them with a Scotchbright sponge. Takes all that cloride and stuff out of your tap water.Just buy a case of water now and then to get the bottles or use a glass each time. This would be a one time expense of about $150.00 and you never would have to buy replacement filters for a long time. You can get these locally from Butch Paugh, Call to Decision Ministries up in Nettie. I got mine from Lehmans when I was up north visiting relatives. Get it from Butch and he'll ship it to your house, plus keep a WV preacher on the air. Hope this helps and puts a little more money in your pocket.
Don from Pleasant Grove.

Gorges Smythe said...

It's a thought, Don.