Thursday, August 9, 2018

Minor Stuff

It was a pretty nice day today, but I got nothing done until evening. Even then, all I got done was a couple short boards cut to length. One to bolt a woodworkers vise to, so I could use it for a saw-filing vise, and the other to rip into a couple pieces for my chainsaw mill. The former was a boughten pine “2x8,” the latter a seasoned red oak 2x6 that I sawed a few years ago. Since I was using a Japanese ryoba saw, both took a little while. The saw did a fine job, though. I like the little saws for little jobs, but these pieces were a bit much in my book. The cut in the oak is smooth as glass, though. The bad thing is, as out of condition as I am, I bet I’ve got some soreness tomorrow from my little project. Ain’t that awful?

The pooch and I sat on the porch for about a half-hour this evening while a little fawn was grazed within 50 feet of us the whole time. We came in when it finally left.

I’ve just about finished patching the old jeans that I’ve been working on. Each section has to dry before I can move on to the next spot, so that stretches things out. This is the first pair where I’ve needed to patch both legs. Usually, it’s only the right leg that needs patched, since I’m right-handed.

Almost time for Gunsmoke; catch ya later! Copyright 2018


Vicki said...

Porch sitting is pure bliss with a pooch beside you and a fawn to watch. I loved watching the fawns after the first snow of the year - running and jumping and kicking the air.

Gorges Smythe said...

Yeah, Vicki, they play just like calves.