Sunday, August 12, 2018

Random Sunday Matters

Although it was the Sabbath yesterday, I did some measuring and marking on a small project that I’m working on. Since no actual “work” was done, I don’t THINK the Lord will object. Jesus made it clear that all the nit-picky things about the Sabbath were the laws of men, not the Father. I hope to tinker on the project a little this evening after it cools down some-no hard work, just drilling a few holes and screwing in a couple lag bolts. I can do it on the porch.

I studied the 7th chapter of Revelation yesterday. I studied Genesis earlier in the year, so I decided to go to the other end of the book a while back. I’m sure I’ll never understand the bulk of it, but I ask the Lord to show me whatever I had the ability to grasp. I seem to pray and think a lot more than study these days. I’m not sure whether that’s good or not.

I spent an-hour-and-a-half on the porch with the Mighty Dachshund yesterday evening. I haven’t had the time for any long sits yet today. She might be interested in watching me as I work on my project. Maybe I’ll see.

The missus and I went to the Chinamart on the other side of town today and I picked some stuff for my mother. She’s 88 and failing a little. She brought a spray can down when I took her groceries, so I could take the cap off for her. I can’t say anything, though, my wife and I are both headed the same direction.

In fact, my wife is probably now in worse shape, when it comes to walking, than my mother is. It’s getting to where I have to help her step down out of the house, and then off the porch. Today, for the first time, she asked me to move her handicapped scooter at Chinamart when she was done with it, so she could just go ahead and climb into the truck. That’s a major effort for her, too.

She is starting to believe that she isn’t long for this world and sometimes insists on having an outing, even when funds are tight. Today, she wanted to dine out after taking the groceries home, so we went back to town. I couldn’t complain, as she paid for it herself.

We parked at the back of the restaurant and went in the handicapped entrance and didn’t have to wait for a table, which is rare. Our meals were both good and she enjoyed herself, though I had to help her into the restaurant, help her sit down, get up and back out of the restaurant.

Thirty-five years ago, she did hand-stands on one arm and jogged. She started downhill after her cancer 11 years ago. She’s REALLY failed in the past year, though. What concerns me is what may happen if my own health fails to where I can’t help her anymore. I’d rather die than go to a home and she feels likewise. I’ve told her son that he might want to spend a little time with her while she’s still mobile. Crickets.

I didn’t think it was supposed to do anything today, but the tater wagon is rolling and the road sounds a mite rough. It’s dark, but it’s not raining yet. Maybe it will go around us again. Then again, maybe I won’t be spending much time on the porch this evening, either. Time will tell. Copyright 2018

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