Monday, November 5, 2018

Porch Sitting And Night-Time Deer Sightings

Not much to tell, really. The pooch and I were sitting on the porch this morning and the only sounds were the wind in the trees and two or three crows somewhere out of sight fussing continually. It's not been a pretty fall here. The rain and the wind has taken down the leaves at every opportunity. Even the oaks are turning sort of a yellowish brown and shedding their leaves. We were out again this afternoon and the crows were gone, replaced by a talkative bluejay. The wind was out of the southeast today, so our spot on the north side of the house was pretty breeze-free.

Several times in the night lately, I've taken the dog out to drain and found the doe and her fawns lying within 20-30 feet of the porch. I try my best not to disturb them, but they just feel too vulnerable and silently sneak further off . Only if they're over 50 feet away do they ever stay put, and not always then. Not surprising, I guess, since everything from bobcats to coyotes to people to cougars to bears want to eat them.


Lady Locust said...

Both our deer and elk beards are decreasing. In addition to your list we now have a thriving population of wolves. Deer are pests in their own way, but at least they don't try to eat us.

Gorges Smythe said...

I think they should send all the wolves to California, LL; they seem to like cougars after all, and they only lose a FEW joggers each year.

deborah harvey said...

peaceful reading wish we could porch sit with you

Gorges Smythe said...

We'd share, dh.