Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The World Still Spins

The election was disappointing for me, but Jesus is still Lord. He WOULDN'T be if it was up to the democrats, but they have no say in it (nor do the rest of us). As the guy at the link before this post pointed out, at lot of the fault lies with the mainline republican leadership. I blame a lot of it not on the voters on left (we already KNEW they were insane), but on the mindless middle, who vote whichever way the wind blows or the money flows, if they bother to vote at all.

My home state of West Virginia showed its own overall lack of intelligence by voting for what was called an anti-abortion amendment (it really wasn't), while re-electing an obviously pro-abortion candidate (Joe Manchin).

I was especially disappointed to see that my home county went for Manchin. When I was young, it was a republican stronghold of the state, . However, we've had a big influx of democrat yahoos from one particularly ignorant back-county and drug-dealing big-city types from a neighboring state. Plus, we have a college here, with the usual snowflakes attracted by most seats of supposed learning.

There will be no meaningful legislation coming out of Washington for at least two years, so I predict two years (at least) of executive orders. As I re-iterated yesterday, I knew our nation was lost when we were so immoral as to elect an obviously corrupt Bill Clinton for a second time. I have yet to see any reason to change my mind on the matter.

It's tempting to say "God help us," but there really IS some truth that God helps those who help themselves. Any nation that chooses to wallow in sin doesn't deserve His help. And the world still spins. Copyright 2018


deborah harvey said...

when clinton was elected i became physically ill and had to go to bed. was ill for several days. seemed like all hope was lost for this country
maybe this time hope is really lost
praying God will intervene

Don Setliff said...

I felt the same way when I got the news that the House had flipped Demorat. But then I read the news that Jeff Session resigned by Trump's request and then I knew something was up. Hopefully the new AG is more agressive and will fight back against the crazy liberals blocking his MAGA action. Trump's a genuis! Let the games begin!

Don from Pleasant Grove.

Andy in Oz said...

Initially sad at the outcome but the President is optimistic and tough.

Perhaps the Dems will show what they are made of until 2020 and sanity and hope will be restored thereafter.

Gorges Smythe said...

Maybe it's part of his plan, dh.

We shall hope, Don.

We can always hope, Andy.