Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Four Porch Sits In 24 Hours

Monday was unseasonably warm here--61F. At 10AM, the mighty Dachshund and I sat on the porch after she drained and dumped. There was little sound except the wind, for it was howling pretty loudly. Luckily, it was coming from the opposite side of the house and didn’t bother us. Observations have to be mostly visual at such times, but there was little to see but waving tree tops. After about 20 minutes, the wind changed and it was no longer pleasant, so we went inside.

At 3PM, we tried it again. It was still windy, but it had shifted to the other side of the house again. There were no birds to be heard, but the neighbor’s dog on the next farm kept barking, keeping the Mighty Dachshund concerned. A buzzard (turkey vulture) sailed against the wind 30 yards above the tree tops. It was rising on the gusts and coasting when the wind eased off, making misshapen scallops across the sky. A couple minutes later, I thought I saw another just below tree top level sailing down the hollow. Then, I realized that it was a hawk, looking for a careless squirrel, rabbit or grouse confused by the wind. Some critters stay holed up in high wind, simply because it makes it harder for them to remain vigilant. After 30 minutes, the wind changed again, so we returned to “the cave.”

Though I took the pooch out a couple more times before retiring, it was breezy enough that I didn’t try “lounging on the veranda.” However, when I got up at 5AM to take out Her Royal Lowness, the wind had stopped, so we sat in the darkness and enjoyed being outside. The roar of the traffic on the four-lane a couple miles away was quite noticeable, but that was about the only sound. Out the road, I could see the neighbor lady’s lights. She kicked her stepson out a while back, I think, and moved back in herself - alone. I see her husband’s (exhusband’s?) truck there once in a while, though. Maybe she calls him occasionally for conjugal visits. Three early risers headed off to work while we were there, two from down in the development across the road on a diagonal and one from farther out the ridge. Gradually, my left arm got cold, meaning there was a little breeze after all. When we came in, I discovered that we’d been out there an hour in the 52F darkness.

At 10AM the next morning. The wind was steady, but there were occasional uncomfortable gusts. We heard some distant crows, but that was it. After 15 minutes, the pooch decided that she’d had enough, so she arose and walked to the door, That ended THAT! - lol

Today, it’s cold, breezy and spitting snow; no porch sits today. Copyright 2019

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