Friday, January 11, 2019


The missus wanted to get out of the house a little while this afternoon, even though we went to Chinamart this morning and got ours and mom’s groceries. It was a day early for us to go to Chinamart, but we’re supposed to have a bad weekend. Everyone seemed to be at Chinamart this morning. This afternoon, they all seemed to be at Kroger’s. There were no handicapped carts available for my wife, so she was hobbling along with a regular buggy. She just HAD to have some chocolate ice cream from Kroger’s for the weekend! (I kid you not.)

There were only one or two parking spaces available in the whole lot, and they were at the farthest end of the lot, so I just parked in the fire lane, put up my handicapped placard, let the engine run and waited. People were streaming in and out like bees at a hive. Some exited with only a couple items, others had full carts. It was payday for a lot of folks, after all.

A lot of the shoppers weren’t really dressed for the cold, especially the younger folks. One poor girl was so skinny that she HAD to have been anorexic, but she figured if she walked fast enough the cold couldn’t catch her. One young mixed race guy in some sort of worker’s uniform went in and came out later with only a half-gallon of orange juice. I wondered whether he wanted it for breakfast the next couple days or if he was going to deal with the cold weather by staying home and drinking screw-drivers.

The guy that brings in the carts from the lot was running his legs off. He had his rope with carabiners on the ends to hook to the back cart of a nested group of buggies as he guided the front one. He never got a chance to use it; the most he got at one time was five, and the rest of the time it was mostly singles with a few doubles. Sometimes’ he simply settled for taking someone’s cart when they were done with it and rushing it inside. Still, he held onto his rope in vain hope of lassoing a herd of little wire doagies.

The missus finally exited with her small, single plastic bag that obviously contained what she’d come for. I edged the truck to the door through the streaming humanity to get her and we drove carefully away. She was exhausted, but happy she had her ice cream. I was glad to get home. Copyright 2019

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