Thursday, January 3, 2019

Three Local Churches Facing Sad Situation

Three local churches, all old established churches, are negotiating a merger which will close their old historic locations and put them in a different structure entirely. My family attended two of them when I was a kid. One was built in 1908 and has beautiful wood inside and even more beautiful stained glass windows. The thought of such a fine old building sitting empty and unused saddens me.

Whether it's a little country church or a big city one, the cause of most closings is a congregation that for too many years hasn't done what they're supposed to do. Christians are supposed to share the gospel with their friends and neighbors and need to remain active in the community in which the building is located. Most members now run in fear even at the mention of walking the neighborhood inviting people to church. Churches are built and maintained with smiles, handshakes and prayers. A lack of even one of those three things will usually spell doom for a church eventually.

We see the world growing increasingly wicked, but Satan isn't winning because he's stronger; he's winning because Christians are lazier. A lot of folks use the excuse that letting their "light so shine" is the best way to win folks to the Lord, and talking the talk without walking the walk is useless. That's true, but walking the walk without being willing to talk the talk is equally useless.

...and how shall they hear without a preacher? WE are to be the preachers, my friends, not just the guy at the front of the church. Copyright 2019

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