Monday, February 4, 2019

Ah! Spring! (I Wish)

The pooch was so thrilled at walking on bare ground this morning, that it was all I could do to get her to quit sniffing and marking territory to get her back in the house. During that time, I heard a solitary raven making it’s deep gravelly call (compared to a crow). From a crow, I might have thought it a fighting call, but I think it was just calling to locate another raven. Is it breeding season yet?

Late this afternoon, the pooch and I sat on the porch for a half-hour until she chose to go in. I heard three birds during that time, all of which sounded familiar, but none of which I could identify. One seemed to be sing “video, video, video, video. Maybe it was a wren, I think the Carolina’s have something like 30 calls. If anyone knows what I was hearing, please let me know.

It was sunny most of the day and got up to 67F. That’s supposed to change soon. Copyright 2019

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