Sunday, February 3, 2019

At Last - A Couple Porch Sits!

It was supposedly 58F when we returned from Chinamart and getting my mother’s groceries. The Mighty Dachshund spent so much time sniffing the now bare sod that it took nearly 10 minutes for her to drain and dump. Like us, she’s glad that horrible, ugly white stuff is gone for the moment.

Returning to the porch, we took our usual positions. It’s strange how 58F would seem pleasantly cool in summer; today, it felt almost uncomfortable as I sat there in my jeans and T-shirt. Even with the ground now melted to mud on the surface, it continues to radiate coldness to anything near it. I believe that’s what makes the difference.

As we sat there, a distant crow complained about some grievance unknown to the mighty Dachshund and me. The sound of traffic on the four-lane, two miles away was noticeable, but not over-whelming. Traffic on the county road out front seemed a trifle heavier than usual. I suspect it was because I was seeing the folks who dawdled at church flapping their gums heading for home. And then, there were those who rushed the exit after services and bought their lunch early. They, too, were then homeward bound.

In the woods to our northwest, a small bird of some kind raised a bit of a fuss and then left. The missus came to the door and, though saying we shouldn’t have been out here at all, threw a towel over the pooch to keep her warmer. I noticed that there was an almost imperceptible breeze, as my left shoulder felt cooler than my right one. After about 20 minutes, it felt cool enough that I decided it was time to go in. The pooch didn’t really agree with my decision, but yielded to a tug on the leash.

After a “long winter’s nap,” We returned to the lawn and then the porch. It was sundown, but there was no breeze, so it actually felt warmer. Perhaps the extra four hours of sun on the sod and the one degree climb in temperature helped, too. The crow had been joined by a couple companions. Three small birds made strange noises in the woods before us, one as he obviously flew through the area unseen. Then, they went silent.

A single engine plane flew over, the lives of the occupants totally dependant on the dependability of that one engine. I’m reminded of a time, many years ago, when my sister went up with a civilian fire-spotter during fire season. She worked for the local newspaper at the time and was doing a story. Only afterwards did she discover that the pilot had a bad reputation for running out of fuel and making crash landings. God must have liked him. I think I’ll limit my travels to places that I can derive, thank you.

After the sun had been down a few minutes, the air began to cool and I decided to go in. This time, the pooch was all for it. Maybe we can do it again tomorrow. Copyright 2019


Lady Locust said...

Glad you got to spend a little time outside and that your snow has melted. A habit of crash landings! That's scary.

Gorges Smythe said...

lol - I'm sure she wouldn't have gone had she known, LL!

Vicki said...

I'm glad your weather has improved enough for a porch sit. I enjoy being there with you and the pooch, in spirit.

Mamahen said...

I was glad for the warm temps as it made it possible for me to get out to pay my respects and say farewell to a friend and neighbor I've known since she and my siblings and I were in grade school together. I have flown a couple of times when I was younger, but I don't think they could pay me enough to get on a plane these days.

Gorges Smythe said...

I wish you could have been right here with us, Vicki!

Please Accept my condolences, if I haven't said that already, Mh. I've never flown and now that we have perverts at the airport, I know that I never will.