Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Rainy, Foggy Porch Sit

It had begun a heavy sprinkle by the time I took the pooch out at 1AM. I woke up at 5AM and took her out again and it was still little more than a heavy sprinkle. When I woke up at 7:30 with a full bladder, it had begun pouring it down. Remembering that there is sometimes a leak by the back chimney in heavy rains, I got up to move the vinyl records I had sitting by the chimney and move a bucket under where I knew the dip would be. Luckily, it wasn’t dripping.

Unfortunately, the pooch decided that, since I was already up, I should take her out again. So, I put on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and took her out for a quick pee. She BARELY did anything. I think she just wanted to look and sniff a little. I’d taken a towel, so I told her to lie on the welcome mat and I doubled the towel over her for a blanket and then I sat down in the swing.

At first, the rain was heavy enough that it was all you could hear, along with the drip from the faulty joint in the gutter. I’ve tried smearing roof cement on it when it was dry, but that didn’t work. Maybe I should try some of that black gunk they advertise on TV. You know the stuff, they can build battleships with it using only it and some old screen doors. Three crows flew silently into a couple nearby oaks. The pooch kept a curious eye on them. Finally, they could be silent no more and began grumping about the weather.

I noticed we had our east rain front porch leak. It never leaks when the rain comes from the west, as it usually does. Gradually, the rain slacked off a bit, the cloud cover grew slightly lighter in color and the neighbor’s dusk-to-dawn driveway-post faux gaslights went off.

Three small deer, probably last year’s, snuck through the edge of the woods toward the back of the house. A minute later, two more did the same. They were a little larger, perhaps from the year before. The crows left and went across the road to complain a while.

It was time for the 8 and 8:30AM workers to head for their jobs. Most were driving carefully through the thickening fog. A few were driving like the proverbial bats out of…………Ohio (personal joke, don’t be offended). After about a half-hour, the breeze began sneaking around the front corner of the house to cool my arms as I sat midway back the north side, so we went inside.

It’s 7PM as I finally get this typed up, and I just got in from taking Her Royal Lowness out to dump and drain. It’s foggier than ever out there; it will be interesting to see what morning brings. Copyright 2019


Vicki said...

There is something about rain that is comforting. Sleep comes easy with the sound of rain drops on the roof.

Gorges Smythe said...

Yes it does, Vicki; I miss the tin roof of the old farm house (except during hail storms)!

Ralph Goff said...

Sitting outdoors, no matter how well dressed, is not an option here now. Although I did sit down briefly in front of the dead wood fire where I was cleaning up the shelter belt yesterday. It was comfortable enough working around the fire and I was surprised to see the thermometer read -20F when I came indoors.

Gorges Smythe said...

We used to always build a fire when we worked out in winter, Ralph, but we would have stayed inside at -20, except to feed the cattle.