Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Cool But Comfortable Porch Sit


It was about 12:30AM when I took the Mighty Dachshund out for her last drain before bed. The moon was out and made it easy to see our hay field, er….lawn. We took our spots on the porch. At 44F, the wooden swing felt almost cold on my bare back. There wasn’t the slightest hint of breeze, though, so I remained comfortable. The possum had already eaten what I put out just at dark.

“Whip-Will” was in the woods about 75 yards away, while a normal whippoorwill was singing somewhere farther down the ridge. I’ve almost come to the conclusion that there’s a whippoorwill around here with a speech impediment, as it sticks with its song, unlike a mockingbird, which also sings at night when the spirit moves it. I’ve never heard another whippoorwill singing anywhere near Whip-Will, making me think he/she lives a sad and lonely existence. Low and behold, what do I suddenly hear? ANOTHER “whip-will” out near the road! Is it the mockingbird or has one bird’s song corrupted that of another? I don’t know, but the second singer eventually stops.

I hear the missus using her chariot (rolling walker) in the house as she moans and groans about her pains. She always says that she doesn’t like to complain, but she carries on like no-one that I’ve ever seen. I know that she really IS in severe pain, though, as she finally took some pain-killer, which she NEVER does. Pray for her if you will. It’s not her now-missing teeth that are causing her problems, but her right hip and leg again.

Well, I’d better hit the hay. If you’re still up, maybe you should, too! - LOL Copyright 2019



Ms Muffin said...

So miss hearing those strange calls in the late night, Port St. Lucie must have been a breeding ground for them in the seventies. Was another late night at work and now the prayers begin.

Andy in Oz said...

How charming...a disabled whippoorwill may have found a mate.
Or is it just the mockingbird extending its repertoire.

Always enjoy your night owl porch sits, Gorges. You and the Mighty D gazing into the stars, and I'm having afternoon tea.

Hope your wife's pain is easing.

Gorges Smythe said...

Make one of those prayers for my missus if you will, MM. Thanks.

Enjoy the tea Andy, I've given up the habit since I met the missus years ago.

Vicki said...

Your porch sits bring back fond memories from a time when I had a porch to sit on.
Praying for your missus. Living with pain is not good - not good at all.

Mamahen said...

I enjoy your porch sits as well. You both are in my prayers.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, Vicki.

Thanks, Mh.

Lady Locust said...

Will certainly add a prayer for you both. Glad you are comfortable, but at 44* I would throw another log on the fire!

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, LL; I carry a lot of natural insulation. - lol

Ms Muffin said...

Certainly include your loved ones, and thank God for the support you offer in this space.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, MM.