Thursday, January 23, 2020

Just Like Christmas

Even most non-celebraters like me have to admit that many of our favorite memories are of Christmases past. Of course that stage eventually arrives when you start getting underwear and socks. Those days are a bit less thrilling, but the time often comes when those kind of gifts are deeply appreciated.

Recently, the socks that I prefer got down to two pair. Since I only wear them for 2-4 hours a day, I can often use them for several days in a row. Here lately, in my effort to look more and more like a hopeless derelict, I haven’t even worn socks some days. However, two pair is cutting it pretty close to the bone, so I finally spent $12 to get a dozen pair of cheap crew socks at Chinamart. I haven’t used them yet, but they’re sitting there ready when I need them.

My real concern was skivvies. I was down to only a half-dozen pair and they’re getting stretched and full of holes to where they barely stay up as I shuffle around the house in them. Yesterday, though, I found a half-dozen pair that I’d forgotten all about. You see, the last time that I bought any, I bought all the store had in my size, since they were always slow to restock. Now that store is going out of business and they have none in walrus size, so the ones that I found were a real godsend.

Yessirree! New socks, new skivvies--it seems just like Christmas! - lol - Copyright 1/23/2020


Caddie said...

It's wonderful to be surprised, to find something we had forgotten about having or to run across a 'real bargain'. Good for you, Gorges! You're happy and I'm happy for you.

Caddie said...

I'm happy 'cause you are happy.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, Caddie. I think the Bible says something about rejoicing with our friends in their good fortune. - lol

Mamahen said...

Always enjoy a nice surprise:))