Thursday, March 14, 2019

Porch Sitting In The Dark

I got up at 4AM to take out the pooch, but she wasn’t awake yet. By 4:30, my scent must have been noticed by her subconscious and she sat up and looked at “my corner” of the room where I sat silently in my chair. I spoke quietly to her, so as not to wake the missus, sleeping in her bed against the far wall of our “TV room.” After I spread the Mighty Dachshund’s “magic carpet” on the floor, she climbed aboard and I pulled her to the door. I was only wearing my skivvies and my camp mocs, but it seemed warm out - I guessed 50F.

After she dumped and drained, I sat in the swing and she laid on the welcome mat by the door. It seemed comfortable enough out and I didn’t notice any breeze. There were no sounds of nature to be heard, just the sounds of traffic from the west on one four-lane a couple miles or less away and on another to the north, probably 2-1/2 miles. One pick-up drove by on the county road slowly enough that I figured it was some tired worker heading home in the darkness after working overtime on an afternoon shift.

I can still see the lights at the airport. When the leaves start coming out, those lights will disappear. As I’ve mentioned before, I still miss the old search-light they had there when I was a kid. Sitting there in the near silence, I remembered my youth at the farm. Back then, a trip outside in the darkness to “water the grass” might let you hear owls or foxes or a cow lowing. There was near total darkness, too, if there was no moon, except for the two distant blinking red lights on radio transmitting towers in town. Now, the night is ablaze with blinking white lights from cell-phone towers and the interstate has not only cut off the long view to town but dealt a death blow to lovely country silence.

After half-an-hour, the unnoticeable breeze had its effect, as my left shoulder became increasingly cold to where it began to get uncomfortable. I was the first to say “uncle,” but the pooch was happy enough to go inside. When I checked the computer, it said that it was 43F outside with a breeze of 2mph. I didn’t really mind the temperature, but that tiny breeze did me in! - lol - Copyright 2019


c w swanson said...

Outside late at night is a wonderful time to sit and listen.

Gorges Smythe said...

It's kind of a different world after the sun goes down, CW.

Ralph Goff said...

I'd want it about 30 degrees warmer before I'd be sitting out on the porch. By that time the mosquitoes will make it unpleasant outdoors though. Nice and dark here at nights since I turned off my dusk to dawn yardlight. Just distant lights on the horizon and what little light the night sky gives.

Lady Locust said...

I love the quiet of early morning. Also, I'm usually cold if it's below 70 degrees 😊

Gorges Smythe said...

Dark is good, Ralph.

I carry more natural insulation than most folks, LL! - lol