Sunday, April 4, 2021

Appalachian Folklore


Some of these work but some, I would be very dubious of.

•Raw wet tobacco will draw the venom from an insect's sting.
•If you scratch yourself with a nail, rub it in grease and throw it in the fire.
•One cure for hiccups is to tickle the nose with a feather.
•Eating parched corn or parched coffee will cure stomach ailments.
•To get rid of warts, carve one notch in a stick for every wart you have. Bury or hide the stick, and the warts will go way.
•To stop bleeding from a wound, apply chimney soot.
•Don't let birds gather your hair for nesting material: you will go crazy.
•For toothache, rub a splinter around the gum until it draws blood; drive the splinter into a tree, and the toothache will go away.
•Putting a handful of salt on your head will cure a headache.
•If you eat snow before the third snowfall of the season, it will make you sick.
•If you dream about crossing water, there will be an illness in the family.
•To get rid of chills, tie a string around a persimmon tree.
•If you sweep under the bed of a sick person, that person will die.
•If your hand itches, it means someone will give you a present soon.
•For snake bite, cut up the snake that bit you and press its flesh to the wound. This will draw out the poison.
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