Sunday, April 18, 2021

I Just Missed The Sunset


However, From the looks of what remained, I didn’t miss much--too many clouds. I thought that it was a little bird zipping back and forth above the side yard, but it turned out to be a small bat. It wasn’t making all the usual zigs and zags, which is why I didn’t recognize it at first. A whip-poor-will called farther down the ridge, while a dove made it’s last few coos out by the road. A couple small birds made some “settling in” calls in the woods and then went silent. A dog barked in the distance and somewhere out the road, it sounded like a guy was adjusting his carburetor.

A couple nights ago, I thought that my sinuses were wheezing but soon realized that I was hearing a screech owl at the very edge of my hearing. I heard a barred owl the same night and some coyotes. The song-dogs sounded off to the northeast, then I heard several dogs raise cain in turn traveling west, finally, I heard a dog scream bloody murder to the northwest, so I suppose the coyotes got him. It always makes me angry when pet owners don’t protect their pets, especially at night. It’s not the first time that I’ve heard things die in the darkness, though.

The Mighty Dachshund chose to lie out by the edge of the cool concrete porch this evening, rather than on the warmer door mat. She used to be able to see more out there, but she’s nearly blind now. Her hearing has diminished, too, but her nose seems to be as good as ever. I watched while that little nose fluttered and the nostrils widened as she analogized what she picked up in a breeze that I couldn’t even detect. After a while, she laid her chin on the 5” tall beam of treated wood that was to be the bottom of the screening for the porch (which never happened). She relaxed in that position, but her nose was still active.

The air was warm enough that I could have gotten by without a shirt, but I was still glad that I’d worn a flannel shirt that I keep by the door. Eventually, my backside got numb and my water pill made itself known, so we had to go in. She wasn’t happy about it, but she didn’t resist. Maybe we can sit out there again later this evening. Copyright 4/18/2021


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