Saturday, April 24, 2021

Solo And Duo Porch Sits


As I came downstairs from my nap, I heard sprinkles on the skylight. Before it got any worse, I decided to bring in the few groceries that I’d picked up earlier on my solo run to Chinamart. I wouldn’t have gone at all, but we were out of a couple things and almost out of water.

It obviously hadn’t been raining long as there was no water in the usual puddles. I sat down in the swing after the stuff was unloaded, both to catch my breath and listen to the sound of the light rain. The dripping gutter leak was making a slow drum beat on the leaves below the eaves--a pleasant sort of sound. You could barely hear the light rain in the trees, partly because the leaves aren’t full size and partly because of the lightness of the rain.

The fuzzy dandelions were surviving the rain fairly well. I saw a few little clumps of bluets here and there and several dogwoods were blooming in the woods before me. Out front, a couple yellow weeds were blooming under the six foot holly beside the big white oak. I’d planted the weeds a few years ago, though I didn’t remember what they were as I sat there in the swing. The holly had been “planted” (so to speak) by a bird’s butt several years earlier. The daffodil that always had a single bloom when it grew as a volunteer in the driveway, has expanded to three blooms where I relocated it under the oak tree.

I noticed a pair of least flycatchers hanging around the porch, no doubt looking for a place to build a nest. I looked at the limb that’s fallen by the white oak in the side yard, hoping it didn’t hit and crack the little concrete dachshund statue over our first doxie’s ashes. I saw and heard a little more rain, plus a target shooter was doing rapid fire practice with his pistol in the distance. I also heard the twin engine plane with the big props somewhere in or above the clouds. I suspect that it’s a commuter flight, as it always seems to be headed south, toward our state capital, where some major airlines still connect. Across the road, I noticed the neighbor’s flag was hanging out in the rain. People used to follow the flag rules, but no more; it hangs out at night, too. I could still barely see across the small hollow before me to the little ridge beyond. I look for the view to be blocked by leaves in another week.

I decided to get the dog and let her drain before the rain got any heavier. She’s like a cat, she doesn’t like baths or rain (though mud puddles are just fine). She drained and then jumped back up on the porch. The drip from the gutter leak grew faster, indicating both heavier rain and the fact that the rain was ongoing. I next heard a drip in the downspout, meaning the water had just then made it past the leak and to the end of the eaves spout. In a couple minutes, there was enough water moving that it became a small stream and quietly ran down the spout, rather than dripping. The pooch and I shared the porch with two bags of trash from Tuesday. My wife had an early doctor’s appointment and I didn’t bother putting them out.

I noticed that my neighbor had quit working in the rain and parked his tractor in the barn. A downy woodpecker worked over a dead sapling nearby as vehicles began passing by on the county road, taking their owners home from work (or shopping). I noticed that there was no interstate noise; maybe the rain dampened it or maybe the traffic was just low on a Saturday.

I took a swig of water from the bottle that I always leave on the swing and noticed, when I moved, that my butt was beginning to get numb. I asked the pooch if she was ready to go in and she wagged her tail. Eventually, she stood and stepped up to the closed door. That was the final sign, so we went back inside. Copyright 4/24/2021





Alan said...

You've got a skylight?

Gorges Smythe said...

We've got two and I wish that we didn't have either one of them, Alan.