Thursday, April 15, 2021

Thursday Memes And Memories


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Peteforester said...

Procession at St. Augustine Church; ...Again, the preoccupation with Mary... Don't get me wrong; what Mary did, in her day and time, was about the most courageous thing a human being could do. Without Divine intervention it would have been a suicide mission. Still, like you and me, she's a CREATION and NOT the CREATOR. Any worship aimed at her is PAGANISM... ...And this is coming from a CATHOLIC... The Catholic Church is the oldest Christian church on Earth, traceable back to Peter, the first Pope. Unfortunately, I say this often; "I'm Catholic. I wish my church still was..."

Funny; you never see white people moving to black neighborhoods... 'Wonder why...

Yup; I remember all of those things. Instead of listing mood rings and Big Wheels twice, why didn't the MEMEist list 10-speeds and water beds??? And I truly WISH I could forget the AMC Pacer...


I thank GOD that Chihuahuas aren't the size of Rottweilers!

The Donks aren't "redefining" "infrastructure." They're "redefining" "Constitution..."

Gorges Smythe said...

Pf, I only trace the pope back to Sylvester, when he and Constantine went apostate with the new Sunday "Sabbath." Most people don't realize that was largely to drive a wedge between Jewish and non-Jewish Christians, allowing Sylvester (at Rome) to solidify his claim as "pope" over the bishop at Jerusalem. Interestingly enough, nearly all protestant denominations follow the apostate "Sabbath" also, though they try to squirm out of it by calling it "the Lords Day."