Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Tuesday Memes And Memories


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Pumice said...

I am convinced that all those tractors were owned by the government because all of the people seem to be standing around doing nothing.

Grace and peace

Peteforester said...

The "pot users" database; if your state has background checks, and you have a "medical marijuana" card, you will FAIL the background check. Why? Because the "legalization" of Mary Jane is a STATE law. Federally, it's still illegal. Having the card tips your hand that you break federal law, and down you go... California has used this to successfully strip the 2A rights from THOUSANDS of its citizens...

Along with the TV sitcoms of our day, let us not forget the irreverent humor of Mel Brooks! Hey! The new sheriff's a N-ever mind...

I've never understood why people can't keep their trash in their cars and throw it away when they get to wherever they're going! Are their cars THAT WEAK??? Also; I live in the desert, here in the Wild, Wild West; lots of dry brush around. Still, I must pick up a dozen or more cigarette butts people have tossed out their windows each week. ...And that's just along my property's frontage!

Biden's been proving Trump right since day one!!!

...And if you notice, that 9 year old walked all that way without even dirtying his clothes... I can't even walk out to the chicken coop without dusting up my duds!

Gorges Smythe said...

You may be onto something, Pumice! - lol

I figure pot users are sort of asking for trouble, Pf, right or wrong. As for litter, people are basically pigs, and I agree about the 9-y-o.